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RECAP: OmRu talk about anamika. Shivika catfights and concern. OmRu open the store room and tease shivika. Rose petals fall over anamika and she is none other than ishana.

Pinky : om, how do u knows her, huh??
Om : choti maa, she is the author of the best selling novel, I am her fan (and smiles at her)
[she is still surprised at their gesture]Dadi : her dad Mr.Rajbir Malhotra passed away just a month ago. I told her naani to send ishana for some time so that she will feel better.
[guys, oberois and malhotras know each other because of ishana’s naani and mom. But they had lost the connect in the last 12 years]Pinky : oh my mata!!! Simran ki beti??
[ishana nods her head as ‘yes’] [pinky hugs her]Pinky: where is your half-moms?? (step mom)
Ishana : after dad’s death, mom has to handle everything. So she is out of town on business trip.
ShiOmRu looked at her in surprise as they had found a lost person after ages. They had totally different kind of smile on their face. Even ishana looked at them and smiled. Though, she had known all of them, but she couldn’t recognise them [i.e known yet unknown]Obros came to her and they 4 have a group hug like they used to do 12 years ago.
ShiOm: CHEENI!!!!
Rudra : CHEENI didi!! We missed u a lot.
ShiOm: yes, we missed u!! do u recognise us??
Ishana: even I missed u all. Now, I recognise all of u. shivaay, omkara and rudra [all in smiley faces]Sowmya and anika looked totally confused. Janvi understood the matter.
Janvi : anika, sowmya, she is ishana. They all are childhood friends. She used to come here with her mom every vacation. But after her mom’s death, she stopped coming here..
[everyone is sad. Anika tries to lighten their mood]Anika : ishana, why do they call u cheeni??
[before ishana can say anything, rudra starts his chitchats]Rudra : who kya hai na di, jab ishana didi yahaan aathi thi, tab unhe help karne ki badi jaldi hoti thi & who jo bhi help karti thi, use sab ka nuksaan hi ho jaatha tha
[ u know didi, when ishana di used to visit us, she would be very eager to help everyone in every matter and as a result of her help, everyone would suffer a los in their work]Janvi : ek baar toh isne help karne ke chakkar mein iron karte waqt om ke kapde jalaa di. Aur ek baar toh rudra ke baal maalish karne ke chakkar mein tel ki jagah glue laga di. Aur baad mein puppy face banakar aa jaathi thi. Daatne ka bhi man nahi kartha tha.[ once in order to help, she burnt om’s clothes while pressing them. Then, again in order to help, she mistakenly applied glue instead of oil for hair massage. At last, she would come up with a puppy face and we couldn’t even scold her]Pinky : aur usne toh mere here bete ko bhi nahi choda. Shivaay ko….. {and she didn’t even spare my heera beta}
[all laugh. Before she could continue, shivaay interrupts]Shivaay (rolls his eyes) : mom, just stop it!!!
Pinky : why stops??
Anika and sumo : (curious) tell us na!!
Pinky : once she scared my beta so much ki usne apne pants mein hi OH MY MATA kar diya!!
[all laugh loudly. Ishana gives a dry smile. Om notices it]Shivaay (tries to hide his awkwardness) : so… we used to call her cheeni.
Anika teases him through her actions and he tries his best to avoid her.
Dadi : as there is no guarantee in Chinese products, similarly u cant trust her work.
Om : but this ishana has changed a lot.
Ishana (looks at his eyes) : u mean to say more mature [she thinks- old ishana will never return]Om : yaa. May be more mature
Janvi (caressing her hair) : but beta, we are really proud of u. at such a young age, you have achieved a lot.
Pinky : yes yes!! Jethaniji always reads your books. Previous day, she had a book named uhh… kyat tha?? Haa.. “I AM LOST IN MY MATA!!” [pinky confused about book name]Janvi : pinky, its “I AM LOST IN YOU”
Pinky : okays jethaniji. Same pich….
[AniSumo obros dadi smile]Ishana : if you all don’t mind, can I rest for sometime, I am really tired.
Dadi : yes beta, go and rest. I have cleaned the room for you.
Om : I will bring your bags [both smile]Rudra : dadi, not fair!! Y didn’t u give om’s room to cheeni didi??
Sowmya : because u are a cry baby and u don’t deserve a room and moreover where will u stay if om’s room given to ishana di?? [she teases him]Rudra : dadi, dekho naa.
Dadi : chup kar draamebaz. I have given her prinku’s room as she is in London for higher studies.
Anika : waise, yeh “cheeni” naam kisne rakha?? [well, who named her “cheeni”]Rudra : the great wall of SHIVAAY SINGH OBEROI
Anika (raises her eyebrow) : some mahaan vyakti (famous person) had adviced that if you are habitual of naming things, then you should get treated by ‘vaid’ and ‘kaalu’. (smirks)
[shivaay tries to avoid her and leaves from there.]Rudra : achcha didi, who said that?? And who is kaalu??
Anika : I will tell u later rudra
[she goes]Rudy comes to sumo to irritate her with his chitchats.
Rudra : guests should be like cheeni didi. Polite, sweet, friendly and innocent. But I guess some people’s world just revolves around parathas.
Sumo was not in a mood to fight. She gives an angry look and goes.
Now, rudra is on cloud nine as this stupid singh oberoi thinks that he made sumo to shut her mouth.


_____ _____ _____

Om and ishana are walking upstairs. There was a long silence. Om breaks the silence.
Om : I am totally surprised cheeni. You are ANAMIKA. Though I knew you being ishana Malhotra, the author. But I didn’t even in my dreams think that our cheeni will be the same ishana Malhotra.
Ishana : u don’t know om, where will life take you and to what heights. (she is lost in thoughts
[om stops and looks at her]Om : ishana, are u alright?? [om is confused]Ishana : yeah, om, what happened to me?? I just wanna rest for sometime.
Om agrees and shows her all the rooms and directions of the house.
Om : so, ishana . this is your room!! And here are your bags. If you need anything, just call me. My room is beside yours.
Ishana : thank u om.
Om[comes close and holds her hands] : ishana, we are childhood friends and I feel you are hiding something.
Ishana : arrey yaar, there is nothing to hide.
Om : pakka na??
Ishana : pakka (smiles)
He too smiles and leaves
Now, her phone rings. She immediately attends the call after closing the door.
Caller : I have told them. U don’t worry about that matter. I’ll call u later. Bye
Ishana : ok. bye. [she thinks – I am soo sorry god. I have lied to the whole oberoi family][she is sad for lying]

_____ _____ _____

Ishana was unpacking her bags. She took out a heap of books and as she moved to place them on the shelf, she lost her balance. But to her surprise, there was a helping hand holding the books. [no guys, its not om]. It was anika.
Anika : be careful ishana (and smiles)
Ishana : yup.. thank u soo much anika.
Anika : actually, I am sso’s wedding planner.
Ishana : sso?? Shivaay!!! Oh. Okay.. nice to meet you.
Anika (smiles) : I came to ask if this is your anklet.
Ishana (looks at them and gets teary eyed. She hugs anika tightly and anika too reciprocates) : these anklets are so much precious anika. They belong to my mom. Thanx a lot. I cant thank u enough for this.
Anika : arrey bas bas. Ab rulaayegi kya?? U are lucky ishana as you have atleast been with your mom for some years. Where as some people are soo unlucky that they don’t even get to know their real parents. [she looks down]Ishana : and, are u one of them?? [anika nods. Ishana felt bad for her] ohh… I m soo sorry..
Anika : don’t be sorry dea.. I have whole heartedly accepted this now.
Ishana : anika , I don’t easily mingle with people. But you are very good at heart. I am always with you..
They both hug again. Then, they both unpack everything and arrange them. Anika hears dadi calling her.
Ishana : anika, dadi is calling you.
Anika : yes, u also come. There is Pooja after sometime.
Ishana : okay, lets go..
They both come out of their room when they hear someone crying.
Anika : who is crying??
Ishana : anika, its sowmya. [ishana points her finger towards sowmya and they both rush towards her]Anika : why are you crying sowmya??
Ishana : haa sowmya. What happened?? Tell us naa
Sowmya (in her crying voice) : I am missing my aayi (mom)
Anika : bas, itni si baat. Tum hamesha rudra ko crybaby bolti ho aur ab tum khud cry baby ban gayi ho [u always call rudra a crybaby and today you are also being the same]Ishana : sowmya, you miss aayi naa.. so just call and speak to her and u can also make a video call where u can see your aayi smiling.. talking to u.. dnt worry. V are all there with u naa..
Anika: yes dea, now be a brave girl [caresses her face]Sowmya : ok didi, nw that u both have managed to console me, just be ready to bear my chitchats.
Ani-isha : sure!! And u too!!
[ani-isha-sumo smile at each other and have a group hug. Then they say –“lets stay united gals”]Anika [breaks the hug] : I heard u have extra classes now
Sowmya : yes didi, as portions are incomplete, they have arranged classes in the evening also.. but I will be back before pooja.
Anika : k, u can go along with rudra..
Sowmya : with that crybaby!!! Never.
Ishana (confused) : crybaby??
Sowmya : yaa. Its his hobby [they all laugh] chalo di.. I m getting late.. bye…
Ani-isha : bye [wave their hand]

_____ _____ _____

Sowmya is standing with her bag. Rudra drives his car and stops beside her.
Rudra : yeh paraathebaaz sumo.. if u are dying to come with me… I can think of dropping you. U know rudra singh oberoi is very helpful and nobody rejects my help.
Sowmya : oh really !!! OMG!! I didn’t know that… rudra singh oberoi, I reject your help on your face…. Anyways, I am waiting for someone else. (shows her tadi)
Rudra [is somewt annoyed] : your channel right?? Animal planet.
Sowmya : (confused) what??
Rudra : the guy who takes his gf to watch so many romantic documentaries of animals and reptiles.. honey bees flirting, spiders on a couple dance, mosquitoes singing duet songs… [he laughs loudly]Sowmya : whatever.. but he doesn’t change his gf everyday like you… anyways, I don’t wanna talk to duffers like you… reyaan has come. So I will leave. Bye!!![angry bird almost at the rage of biting him]Rudra [angry]: wait and watch sumo!! I will show to the whole college who is “THE RUDRA SINGH OBEROI” [smirks]

_____ _____ _____


All are gathered in the hall. Shivaay sees anika in a peach coloured suit and he is mesmerised by her beauty. Anika sees this and she blushes and tries to concentrate on some other work. But how can she work?? As her main destruction was before her. OmRu see this and their face widened. They both come to shivaay.
Om : shivaay
Rudra : bhaiyya?? Mere pyaare bhaiyya??
[ NO RESPONSE ]Then, ishana and sowmya also come there. Rudra tells them about the current situation. They both smile. Ishana realizes she had just smiled. She thinks “ how can I smile?? No ishana control yourself. Wait, ishana you have suffered enough, now just find your happiness here. Hmm… what to do ???” she was battling her thoughts when sowmya calls out “what happened di??”
Ishana : nothing, I was thinking about them [in mind- just relax ishana]Rudra (sings) : “BHEEGE HONT TERE, PYAASA DIL MERA, LAGE ABR SA HAAN, MUJHE TAN TERA, JAMKE BARSA DE MUJHPAR GHATAAYEN, TUHI MERI PYAAS, TU HI MERA JAAM”
Bhaiyya, right now, you are feeling the same like the song naa??
Shivaay [ who was lost in his ladylove, pours his heart out] : yaa, I feel the same. [guys, he didn’t realize what he said][all our main leads except shivika cup their mouth. Anika who heard this turned red like a tomato and ran towards the kitchen. Shivaay came out of his love-thought process and realised what he had uttered. He was shocked.]Shivaay (with a blush) : noo… no.. that was not for anika.
Rudra : bhaiyya, when did we ask u the name of the person? [raises his eyebrows]SILENCE…………………………… NONE OF THEM SPEAKING………………….
They are controlling their laughter as far as possible.
Shivaay [pretending of being in a call] : yaa… Mr.vashishth. we are ready with the presentation………………
Om : aaj toh shivaay baby blush baby ban gaya.
[all laugh again. Ishana just realised it and became cautious. Om noticed this]Om : cheeni, zyada hasne se daanth nahi jadenge. Iss hasi ko kabhi mitne mat dena. ( winks at her) [ cheeni, you wont lose your teeth by laughing. Don’t ever let your smile fade away]Ishana was stunned by his words.

Precap : anika hugs a man…. Shivaay shocked…. Rudy’s surprise…. Ishana scared…. N many more yet to be written…

So guys, kaisa tha?? Was it boring?? I know today was more about family bonding with ishana. But, it was necessary for the story to progress. In the show, we have seen the obros bonding, but I wanted to show the female leads bonding.. and am I irritating?? Do I talk more?? Please let me know in the comments section.
There is much more happening in the future episodes. Who was ishana talking to ?? what is rudy’s surprise?? Who is “that man” whom anika hugged?? You have to keep reading to know that.
Guys, c u in the 4th epi of SYHP.

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