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Seperation made our relation more strong-chapter 7 LAKSH MAHESHWARI

Chapter 7
Third person’s pov
Parineeta turned and got shocked seeing swara and ragini, infact everyone was shocked. Annapurna cried with happy tears and ran and hugged swara. Swara reciprocated the hug still looking at parineeta angrily. She remembered her insult before six month, only she knows how much she hoped that day and how she felt when her hope was shattered completely. She felt so much guilty that day because she became selfish and without thinking about her sister she went to that place and waited for a whole three hours like mad for her love without even knowing what was going around her, she got angry on sanskar that day but the truth was that sanskar does’nt even know that she was waiting for him. This parineeta using her cheap tricks and made her remember that once she was a fatherless girl in the society and made her love so much low in front of her that day. She remembered the goons trying to misbehave with her. She wanted to yell at her asking whether she was even a girl who put another girl’s life in danger like that, but no words were coming out of her mouth because of weakness. She saw her love who was smirking at parineeta’s shocked face.

Though she was angry, she was so much happy knowing that sanskar did’nt insult her before six months. His voice message broke her soul, she was too much depressed thinking about the voice message, she really started thinking whether she don’t deserve love in her life and now on knowing that the message was not from sanskar itself gave her immense happiness.


After a long hug Annapurna left her and cupped her face, “badimaa I’m fine” swara said.
Parineeta stammered, “but sanskar said”. “I’ll tell what happened, everything was planned perfectly except one mistake” ragini said while descending the stairs. “did you forget that even private number can be traced” she asked. Parineeta realised her mistake and said angrily, “but ragini you all still did’nt win, you will never get your laks…” she was not able to complete her sentence as she received a tight slap from ragini. “how can you do this with my laksh? Who gave you the right to do all this?” the maheshwaris who were just mow calmed seeing swara alive, again got scared. What happened to laksh now? “you are so happy na, then let me tell u that we have won, did you listen we have won”.

Ragini literally shouted at her and then closed her eyes to control her anger and then opened them calmly,” I got my laksh” she said calmly. Parineeta was shocked. The hall fell in a pin drop silence because of shock. Another shock came to her when she heard footsteps and when she looked up, she saw that the youngest son of the maheshwaris was also standing at the entrance with swara and Annapurna. How come LAKSH MAHESHWARI is here now.

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