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Sense of belonging to love (KKB) Chapter 32

Abhi waved at Pragya who was coming out of her room. Pragya, Mr Abhi just a few more days that I have to bear all your antics and then I will be free from all of this! Just wait and watch!

Abhi “Mrs Pragya! What are u thinking?” Pragya “I am not Mrs! I am Ms Pragya!” Abhi “After sometime u will be Mrs only so I am practising from now itself!” Pragya “I have no mood to talk to u! I need to leave!” Abhi asked “To where?” Pragya “None of your business! I guess you have to concentrate on your work and business rather than coming after me!” Abhi “Don’t be harsh towards me! Actually, I was about to leave for my work but then….” Pragya “But then?” Abhi “Leave it yaar you won’t understand that….” Pragya with a confused look “What is that I won’t understand?” Abhi “Hmm…shall I tell u?” Pragya “Haan tell na…” Abhi came closer to her and whispered something in her ears. Pragya widened her eyes in shock and said “What? How can u misplace that? Are u out of your mind?” Abhi “Don’t be so harsh again! It’s all because of u that I misplace that!” Pragya “Me?” Abhi “Yes nowadays u are misplacing my thoughts and I also end up misplacing my things!” Pragya tried to hide her smile and said “Ok let me go to your room later to find your misplaced item!” Abhi “Really? You are helping me? Thank u so much and I just want to hug you!” By saying that he hugged her tightly and Pragya was trying her best to be not affected by his hug. As usual it always in all ways affected her emotions towards him. Abhi broke their hug and looked at worried Pragya. Abhi “I got to go now….Bye LF!”
Pragya, How to leave him if he is keep on making it difficult for me to leave? How? But I have to! Yes if I stay here I am scared it would affect his life like never before….It always been like this….First it was my family that I loved, then Tanya whom I loved like my own friend and sister, and now it’s Aunty whom I respected as my own mother! All are affected by my presence…..I am scared what if something happens to him too! Just because of my bad luck I don’t want him to be hurt or get affected in any way! I can’t bear if anyone says that because of me is affected in any situation…..I love him that much that I am ready to leave him……


Pragya was standing in the place she was and looked Abhi leaving the house with happiness and her heart felt heavier of thinking that she have to leave away from his happiness…….

After a few hours,
Abhi opened the door of his room and saw Pragya frantically searching for something that belong to Abhi. Abhi “Mission on finding ah? It’s so cute of your finding until u are tying your duppata around your waist!” Pragya “Stop teasing me!” She continued to search and Abhi commented “If u want to find something that belongs to me, then first u have to belong to me! If not u can’t find that easily!” Pragya “My sense of belonging is for so many things and I just can’t belong to u alone!” Abhi “I never restrict u in any way….It’s u who is always restricting yourself!” Pragya threw some of his belongings at him in frustration. As for Abhi, he was smiling and trying to move here and there to avoid getting hurt by her throwing of objects!

Pragya “I am here trying to find your belonging that u misplaced and you are just commenting and teasing me! How bad is that!” Abhi “I am just increasing your driving force to find! Only when I talk like this then u will search for it in full swing na….” Pragya just ignored him and continued to search. Abhi, How can she find what I want when in the first place I never misplace anything! I just want to see her for some time and that too in my room! For that this is my only way….Sorry LF for making u work like this….

Pragya stopped her search for a while and turned to look back at Abhi. Pragya “Wait! You went to office right?” Abhi who was sitting on the couch said “Yes why are u asking that?” Pragya “Now the time is just 4 pm and u always return from office at 7 pm…” Abhi “So?” Pragya “Are u like just making me to stay in your room search for something that is not even lost in the first place?” Abhi stood up from the couch and walked towards her. Pragya “Why are u walking towards me? Just answer me from there!” Abhi didn’t listen to her and was now standing in front her. Abhi “ What do u think?” Pragya “What should I think?” Abhi “What do u think as in am I telling lie to make u search or I am telling the truth?” Pragya “I am not sure that’s why I am asking in the first place!” Abhi placed his hands around her waist and pulled her closer to him. Pragya “ Why are u doing like this now? Leave me!” Abhi “I have no mood to work Pragya….Ma is not well, so I did lied that I am going to work but I didn’t….I just went to meet her in hospital and then came back to home….” Pragya “Ok…How is she?” Abhi “She is recovering but……” Pragya “But what?” Abhi “When will u recover yaar?” Pragya “I need to recover? What do u mean?” Abhi “You see I am trying to be close to u and you are not even looking into my eyes instead u are looking away….Why are u not like before?” Pragya looked into his eyes and said “May be your closeness is not enough for me to recover from my lifelong illness…” Abhi “I know what u are referring to but I seriously don’t believe in luck and all! Even If I believe it, I would be feeling lucky for whatever that had happened in my life!” Pragya “Even for Tanya’s death?” Abhi pushed her away and asked “You know that hurts me! I know what u are up to! Remember one thing!

Tanya is my past in life…. now u are my present and future! No matter how hard u try to make me hate u, I won’t hate u!” Pragya asked emotionally “Why? I am a person to be hated and not loved!” Abhi “You can’t decide that….It have to be decided by those who love u and now it’s me! Do u know why I love u? I love u as u are willing to leave your loved ones even though it hurts u the most…..Even Tanya used to love me but she was never willing to leave me at any cost…..I know how possessive she was for me…..” Pragya “That’s not possessive! It’s love!” Abhi “No Pragya….Love is something that gives u the space to live with love in your hearts….sometimes if u don’t get that space it can be suffocating too…..” Pragya was puzzled hearing all those words from Abhi. Abhi “You know what? I just can’t leave u and that’s final from my side….I will do anything to live with u without leaving u!”
Abhi stormed out of his room leaving Pragya in confusion. Pragya, I thought all was well between Tanya and him….but why do I feel now that something was wrong with them? Why does he have to tell like that just now?

Pragya went out of the room to ask him something again. By then he was leaving out of the house and she too followed him. Pragya followed him as he was walking to somewhere instead of driving. Pragya, strange! He is not driving and where is he walking to…..
Pragya at times had to hide behind trees so that he doesn’t notices. Pragya reached a isolated place and wondered, I never thought that there is a place like this and that too near his house….

Pragya now realized that she lost track of him and now was searching for Abhi!
Pragya noticed the footsteps and assumed it was his and followed them. From a distance, she saw Abhi kneeling down and was crying badly. Pragya managed to hear his sobbing and tried to listen to what he was saying holding on to some box.
Abhi “Why? Why did u do like that Tanya? Why did u gift me this before I left India? Why? Do u know so early that u will not be with me anymore? And Pragya will be there for me always in all ways? How did u know all this that u gifted me this? I am trying very hard to make your wish to be fulfilled! I also know it was her that u want me to be with from the first day I met her at hotel! All is because of this gift that u gave me!” He was holding the box close to his chest and was still crying very badly looking at a bench.
Pragya was now weeping silently seeing him broken into tears and wanted to go near him to console him. Pragya, I can’t go now and console him… I first need to know what is in the box! I know Tanya wanted me to be with him in her last days but she wished that even before that? How is that possible and Why? Whatever it is for now I can’t leave him and I can’t see him like this crying alone with no one to support him……..
Abhi “Whatever it is Tanya….Pragya will be mine and I won’t leave her as per your wish…. I also wish her to be mine as now I have fallen in love with her just like the way I was with u…..Or even more than that….” Pragya hearing that said softly “He loves me more than the way he used to love her…..Why?” Abhi stood up from and was about to leave and Pragya quickly hide behind a tree and was there until he left. Pragya, I didn’t know he is still hiding so many things…..I can’t leave him without knowing all his hidden memories……

Abhi “What do u want?” Pragya “Whatever u wish! I just want something that u like to be given to me!” Abhi looked at Pragya surprisingly and asked “I have so many wishes….Ok I will get u something but I am not sure how much u like it though…..” Pragya “It doesn’t matter! I am always in pleasure of accepting whatever u give me….” Abhi was amazed to see the sudden change in Pragya.

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