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Sense of belonging to love (KKB) Chapter 31

Pragya, Now how am I going to handle him? I am getting discharged and Aunty is still staying here in the hospital. By now he would have known that I am getting discharged but how do I escape from him? Think Pragya! How? How?

Abhi entered the ward and saw Pragya in deep thoughts. Abhi “ Thinking of how to escape from me?” Pragya hearing his voice looked at him. Pragya “What did u ask?” Abhi “Thinking of how to escape from me?” Pragya, How can he like just know what i am thinking!!!


Abhi “Stop thinking and start your eating!” Abhi now passed her the food on the side table that she haven’t eaten yet.

Pragya, I can’t even think in front of him….My state is so pathetic….

With that thoughts she slowly ate her food and Abhi was just admiring her.

Pragya at times looked at him while eating. Pragya, This is also failing badly….I thought if i eat slowly it would irritate him but now he is admiring me for that!! Why? Why nothing is in my favour??

She now rushed in eating and coughed. Abhi rushed to her and patted her back and gave her water to drink. Abhi “Eat slowly na…what’s the hurry?” Pragya liked his care for her but she was very clear of not expressing her liking. Pragya just looked at him with a lost look.

Abhi too was lost in her look and held her chin up. Pragya “Why can’t u leave me?” Abhi “Why can’t u live with me?” Pragya “I want to leave u so that u can live! Why can’t u understand that?” Abhi now hugged her and said “ I want to live with u without leaving u! Why can’t u understand that?” Pragya sensing that he was in tears made him face her. Pragya “Why are u in tears? Stop this and I have to leave from here….” Abhi “ Only leaving from here and not me!” Pragya was in tears by then and said “ Give me some time….” Abhi wiping her tears said “That’s better!”

Pragya insisted that she doesn’t want to come to his house now but Abhi never listened to her and brought her to his house.

Abhi “You will stay here and that too even after Ma returns. After sometime I myself would talk to my parents about our marriage!” Hearing that Pragya was stunned both in shock and worries…..

Pragya, I don’t think I can argue with him but…..I can make him hate me!!! Yes that is the only way!

A few days passed,

Pragya was avoiding Abhi as much as possible either by not being in house in the daytime or trying to sleep very early in the night time. Abhi knew all this and he knows his way to get her back in his life…..

Abhi was walking towards the dining area where Pragya was having her breakfast. Pragya “Stop walking towards me!” Abhi “Your wish is my wish too but I didn’t expect u to have your breakfast so early in the morning!” Pragya “It doesn’t matter to u!” Abhi “ All this matters to me as I am feeling lonely without your crazy antics yaar….but I know u can’t hate me by all this that makes me feel better though!” Pragya “Who said so? I love to hate u!” Abhi “Thank u!” Pragya “I hate to love u!” Abhi “No thanks for that!” Pragya “ I never miss u but would like to miss u somewhere in a island!” Abhi “You will be there right? Then it should be fine dear!” Pragya who was irritated just threw his phone that was on the dining table at him from a distance. Abhi catched it and said “Thank u! By the way I was lazy to come there to take it and as usual u helped me!” Pragya “Stop winking at me!” Abhi “It’s my eyes and I will wink as much I like!” Pragya “Wink as much as u can! I am leaving!” Pragya in irritation just walked in the other direction from where Abhi was standing. Abhi whistled at her making her stare at him in anger.

Pragya, Winking and now whistling! What is all this? Is he trying to flirt with me after whatever happened between us? Abhi in a loud voice said “You are looking hot day by day in your fake hatred towards me!” Pragya was now already in stairs when she heard his voice…..

Pragya, Don’t turn Pragya! He is just doing all this to get my attention! And I shouldn’t pay attention to all these!

Abhi, No matter how much u try to be away from me….I know you can’t be away from me!

Pragya called using her phone to someone inside her room, “Hello! Pragya here!” Someone “ Hey Pragya! How are u? Where have u been all this while?” Pragya “It doesn’t matter now….just do me a favour now!” Someone “ Sure all for u! But what favour?” Pragya explained to the person everything and the person “Omg! This is so crazy but it’s awesome and I am on for this!” Pragya “Thank u and will meet u soon!”

Pragya, Now I can surely make him hate me! I have to do this as My love will only be able to live if I leave him………Let me leave so that I can live with all my worries leaving far from him……


Somewhere in a isolated place, Pragya is searching for Abhi!

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