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Sense of belonging to love (KKB) Chapter 29

Ok guys this is the revelation of truth chapter! Hope it makes sense!

Abhi after seeing Pragya felt that he needs to immediately act. Abhi, I have to do something if not she will do some crazy things either trying to hurt me or hurt herself!


Abhi made a call to someone and explained to him everything. Someone “You think I will help u? In what belief u are expecting that I will help u?” Abhi “I believe that u still belong to her despite what she had done…..That belief is enough right?” Someone “That’s right….I will help u but on one condition….She should never ever come back to us!” Abhi “There won’t be a need to come back there as I am here for her!” Someone “Ok when should I come there?” Abhi told him that he will inform him the details soon.

Abhi, I hope this turns out well and through this Pragya would feel better. Abhi called Pragya and she too picked up the call. Abhi “Meet me at my house at evening!” Pragya not wanting to hurt him further just replied “Ok…I am coming but….” Abhi “I will talk to the hostel warden and it’s a important matter that I want to talk to u!” With that he ended the call leaving Pragya to wonder what is the important matter…..

In the evening,

Pragya was in a black saree as she attended a function earlier. She entered Abhi’s house and Abhi was already waiting for her in the living area. Abhi “Sit here and I will ask everyone to come here now….” Pragya “Everyone?” Abhi “Yes just wait here! By the way before I forget! You look mind-blowing in black!” By saying that he walked up the stairs to call his parents and Pragya smiled shyly for his compliment but was in deep thoughts of what is he up to now? Moments passed and Pragya was getting restless of sitting alone in the living area. She was fidgeting with the end of her saree. Pragya, What takes him so long to call Aunty and Uncle? I can’t wait any longer and I am going up now!

She was about to stand up and heard a voice at the back of her.

Someone “Pragya! Stay where u are and Abhi will be back with his parents!” Pragya stumbled for a moment and realizing how familiar the voice turned back to look. Pragya “You?” Someone who sitting on the dining room was not paying attention to her. Pragya “How did u come here? Did he asked u to come here?” Someone “I have no relation with u to reply u!” Pragya was deeply hurt by those words and that too from her own father.

She just sat in the place she was and looked blank in shock. Abhi came down with his parents. Shanti ma sat beside Pragya and Abhi and his father was sitting opposite to them. Shanti ma “How are u?” Pragya “Fine Aunty….” Abhi “Ok I have to introduce someone to all of u! Sir please come and sit here!” he came and sat beside Ram. Abhi “I have to clear some misunderstandings with everyone and that’s why I call of u here! No one should talk in between when I am trying to tell everything as this is a matter of all the lives present here! So please try to listen to what I have to say and then talk!”

Everyone agreed to what he had said and Abhi continued “ For all of us Pragya is the problem….To my parents, she is a liar and cheater…To her father, she is jinx….unlucky…..but to me she is my problem and solution to my life!” Hearing that Pragya was having silent tears and was keep on looking at him with all her feelings lost to him. Abhi “Ma! Dad! First let me clarify that she is not responsible for Tanya’s death! It was an accident and I don’t know who told u all that! Yes she was supposed to be driving the car instead of Tanya….. she was her childhood friend they shared so many things in common…. They are very close friends and how would she even think of killing her own friend?” Shanti ma interrupted “ May be she wanted to be yours! And that’s why she asked Tanya to drive a car with the brakes not working!” Pragya “No Aunty! I didn’t know that the car’s brakes was not working! If I had known that earlier then I would have stopped her….Please believe me that I won’t kill my own friend!” Pragya was weeping very heavily and couldn’t even look at anyone but was keep on looking down……

Abhi “Ma! If u think in that way then she should have killed her from the moment, Tanya had fallen in love and not after almost a year of our relationship! Let me tell again that she is not responsible for her death! If u all want proof then here is the man for that!” Pragya’s father “He is right! She didn’t know the car’s brakes was not working….I parked it outside the airport that day and I never told her that I am going to bring the mechanic for repair and before that she just passed the keys to Tanya! She is just unlucky as always and because of that Tanya is no more…..” Abhi giving him a stern look said “It’s enough if u just said until the part that she had passed the keys to Tanya!” Pragya “Aunty please believe me….I know I told u all lies but the truth is I am still related to you all with her heart!” Shanti ma “How to believe that? What if u are telling lies for that too?” Abhi “Ma! Why are u like this? Try to believe and believing each other is the belief of life!” Abhi’s dad who was listening to all this, finally spoke “I believe all this but we need time to accept Pragya as bahu now!” Shanti ma was still unable to accept all this and was feeling very tensed of looking at Pragya. Abhi realized that his mother was straining her mind and kneeled down in front of her. Abhi holding his Ma’s hands said “Ma! I know you are hurt that Pragya cheated your feelings…..but believe me she did all this to be with us and especially to change me….” Shanti ma couldn’t withstand the strain of her mind and had fainted after a while. Everyone were shocked seeing that and Abhi immediately carried her out to the car with the rest also coming with him.

Pragya, I know something like this would happen and she didn’t fainted, it’s likely to be heart attack…..Why can’t he understand all this and just let me leave?

They reached the hospital and after doing the formalities of admitting Shanti ma in hospital, Abhigya were sitting on a bench outside the hospital.

Abhi “Pragya! You don’t worry as I know my Ma is a strong person and she will be recovered soon!”

Pragya didn’t respond but looked away and thinking, What is he? I mean he should be the one most worried as it’s his Ma who is affected by me but he is sitting beside me to console me? No Pragya! If u expressed that u are very worried and feel like crying by hugging him it will only make him weaker! I won’t express my emotions and for that I have to just remain silent…..

Abhi looked at Pragya and she was still looking at him secretly. Abhi, Why can’t she tell me in words about her emotions? Why does she have to look at me like this?

Pragya, Words are not enough to tell what my emotions are and that’s why I have to look at u like this…..It’s not my wish to look at u like this…..It’s just that I have no choice…….No choice to express my emotions to you…..

Abhi, If she is not expressing then how would I know? I can’t let her suppress her emotions…..

Pragya, Sometimes emotions are better to be suppressed as it won’t hurt others….It would be hurting when they are expressed…..My eyes are expressing those emotions that u have to know. I think that is enough. Just be my support and my suppressed emotions will be evaded easily…..May be It’s not about being together but it’s about being altogether with love filled in our lives….I think it’s better for us not to be together so that love can be filled in our respective lives

Both were in those thoughts, when Pragya’s father came there to tell “I wished that both of u never met before!” Abhi “I wished that you could have told this in a better way…..” Pragya “I wished I could have not been here always in all ways…..” Abhi looked at Pragya with pain in his eyes as her words hurt him like never before.

Pragya was about to leave when Abhi held her by hand firmly. Abhi “If u want to leave then u shouldn’t have entered my life in the first place! There is no way for u to leave me Mrs Pragya Abhishek Mehra and that too always in all ways! Did u get that?” Pragya was shocked and blurted out “ I am not your wife to force me not to leave!” Abhi “You are and I have fixed that in my mind!” Pragya “But I didn’t…so just let me leave!” Someone “Is this the time for both of u to argue?” Abhi “I know it’s not the time but I can’t leave her like this…..” Pragya couldn’t bear the things that is happening around her which made her to faint in his arms leaving Abhi tensed…….

Abhi looking at Pragya said “I know it was not Tanya that day on the elevator! You were there! And you said she was impressed by my words but actually it was u and u said about me to her! That made her admired me….Am I right?” Pragya was shocked and was wondering how did he know this now??

Hope it made sense guys as it’s a very simple flashback due to unexpected situation. Now it’s more of Abhi pacifying Pragya to be his belonging to love! He have to go through a lot as Pragya is still insecure about so many things in her life! Let’s see what’s all that in the upcoming updates!

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