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Sense of belonging to love (KKB) Chapter 25

I would like to share certain important things to all my friends here. So hope u all read it at end of this update. Thank u!

Abhi “I seriously can’t believe that u are here and that too in the night for plucking mangoes!” Pragya “I came here after shopping….actually I thought to do it before shopping but there were a lot of people around at that time….That’s why I had to do it after shopping!” Abhi “ I will talk to u later about this as we have reached house now already!” Pragya gave a pout and looked at him getting down from the car. Pragya was about to step out of the car and Abhi carried her once again in his arms. Pragya “Leave me! What if Aunty see us like this?” Abhi “Let her see then only she will know how naughty u are!” Pragya kept on beat him on his chest but it was of no use. Pragya was relieved that Shanti ma was not around in the living area. Abhi dropped her on the sofa and moved closer to face her. Pragya closed her eyes realizing how close was his face to hers. Abhi “Shyness again!!” Pragya still closing her eyes said “NO!!” Abhi “Then open your eyes!” Pragya “No!!” Abhi seductively said“Ok fine then I have to do something to open your eyes!” Abhi pinched her cheek making her scream in pain. Pragya “Ouch it’s so painful and I thought u would kiss me!” Abhi “Naughty girl….Will do that but first go and freshen up!” Pragya blushed badly and pushed him off before running away to her room. Abhi, It’s nice to see her like this and that too expecting a kiss from me……It’s nice to see her away from worries….It’s nice to be nice to her always in all ways……

With that he went to his room to get changed. As for Pragya in her room was feeling restless in how can he just pinch his cheek! Pragya, I seriously don’t understand what is restricting him from kissing me! Yes he had kissed me on my forehead that day but why not a kiss in the place that I expect?
Abhi knocked her door and Pragya after getting changed went to open the door. Pragya “Why are u here now?” Abhi “I am here to tell u rest well and sleep early….Tomorrow u can make me mango pudding!” Pragya smiled lightly in frustration and said “Sure! Anything else?” Abhi “Robin will sent u dinner to room….and….” Pragya “And?” Abhi “Hmm…..” Pragya, Why is he hesitating to speak now?

Abhi suddenly kissed her lips and she was left with shock. With that he turned away and walked off from there. Pragya was still in shock of the sudden kiss and felt her breath was not with her. Pragya, Did he just kissed me? Did he? Or am I dreaming?

Abhi came back again to where she was standing and teasingly said “You are not dreaming dear…..Sleep well and I will come in your dreams too!” Pragya widened her eyes in surprise and was about to tell something but before that he closed the door and went off from there.
Pragya “Oh my god! What happened just now??? Did he like heard what I was thinking and came back to inform me?” Pragya couldn’t believe what happened for the whole night………The same was with Abhi who was finding very difficult to fall asleep.
Pragya, Why do I feel all this he is just doing to make me feel better but his kiss was with love……I could feel that……How I wish he could feel my love too? Or did he already felt it but I am the one not able to realize that……Whatever it is he is just adding on to my restlessness…..and making me don’t know how to control my heart always in all ways……

O bekhabar plays at the background…….

O bekhabar, o bekadar, betaabiyon ko na badha
Dekh le hai pyaar ka kaisa nasha mujhpe chadha
O unaware, O heedless, don’t add to restlessness,
See what an intoxication of love has come over me,
O bekhabar, o bekadar, betaabiyaan bechainiyan hain jawan
Meri nazar dhoondhe tujhe tu kahan
aa tujhko main aankhon ka kaajal bana loon
O bekhabar, o bekadar, betaabiyon, bechainiyan hai jawan
Chaahungi main yoon hi tujhe bepanah
aa tujhko khushi sa labon pe saja loon O bekhabar..

O unaware, O heedless, restlessness, uneasiness is in its youth,
My sight looks for you, where are you
Come I’ll make you the kohl of my eyes,
O unaware, O heedless, restlessness, uneasiness is in its youth,
I’ll love you endlessly like that,
Come I’ll adorn u on my lips like delight o unaware..

Roop hoon teri dhoop hoon
Tu suraj hai mann ka mere
Ya ghani main hoon roshni
Ab chalti hoon dhalti hoon tujhko hi thame re
ik pehar, tu kahe thehar
Toh jaaun na dar se tere
Har ghadi mushkilon bhari
Kyun lagti hai jo bhi guzarti hai bin tere
Tu mile toh silsile, wo ho shuru jo hai khuda ki raza
Tere bina hai zindagi bemaza
Tu mil jaaye toh main jahan se chhupa loon..

I’m beauty, your sunshine,
You’re the sun of my heart,
Or I’m a dense light,
Now I walk and decline holding you only, (as in a day declines at evening)
one watch of the day if u ask me to stay,
I’ll not leave from your door,
why does every moment feel full of problem,
that passes without you,
If you meet, those stories start that are God’s will,
Wihtout you life is interestless,
If I get you, I’ll hide you from the world..

O pyaar bhi yoon kabhi kabhi
Kar deta pareshaaniyan
Har jagah wohi woh lage
Woh aashiq anari jo dil de ke leta ja
paas bhi ho woh door bhi
Yeh kyun ho woh batlaaye na
Dil darre minnate kare
Ab usko yeh bolo ke aaye toh jaaye na
Bewajah, agar ho pata, kya hai yahi dil ki khata ki saza
Khud mein hi main, hoti hoon kyun laapata
Main janu na iss dil ko kaise sambhalun..

Love too sometimes
creates such problems,
Everywhere only he’s seems to be there
that novice lover who took heart giving his heart,
he’s near as well as far,
he doesn’t tell why it happens,
heart is afraid, beseeches,
Now tell him not to go if he comes,
Without reason, if I know, this only is the punishment of heart’s mistake,
why do I get lost in myself,
I don’t know how to control this heart…

The next day:

Pragya went very early to his room and she knew he never locks the door which made her easily to enter his room. Pragya, He looks so cute while sleeping that too with a smile on his face. Can I pinch his cheek? No Pragya it will hurt him…what can I do to wake him up? Think Pragya!! She looked around the room and saw something which made her to take the action.
Pragya with the something that was in her hands went closer to him and sat on the bed. Pragya soothingly used it to caress his face and in response he smiled even more. Pragya, He is just smiling in sleep! Why is he not feeling disturbed??

She tried once again and heard him mumbling “Let me sleep na….I will wake up soon yaar….I just slept few hours ago and u are here to wake me now…..” Pragya “You are awake? Then why I did use this lovely rose to wake u up? All my effort is wasted now!” Abhi “I was already awake when u entered my room….but couldn’t open my eyes as I was too sleepy….” Pragya “Then shall I do something to open your eyes?” Abhi opened his eyes by saying a very big NO!! Pragya “That’s my AB!” Abhi “Again this AB!!” Pragya “Of course! so I want to ask u something that’s why I am here!” Abhi sat on the bed now and asked “What?” Pragya “How did u lose your control yesterday?” Abhi “When did I lost control? What are u blabbering?” Pragya “You lost your control and kissed me last night!” Abhi “What?? Were u dreaming? I didn’t kissed u! I think u just dreamt!” By saying that he tried to hide his smile by looking at Pragya’s confused face. Pragya “No u came to my room twice and…..” Abhi “And?” Pragya “You also told and yesterday!” Abhi “Very funny! Everybody uses the word and! It’s not a romantic word!” Pragya, What is this?? He did came and I am very clear about it but why is he not accepting it!
Abhi smiled inwardly and said “Ok Pragya let me tell u something…..” Pragya “What? I am already very confused now….” Abhi “I think u are out of control!” He then impatiently asked “How to keep u under control?” Pragya frowned at him and thought for a while. Pragya ” I am uncontrollable but one thing that you have can control me! Guess what is that?” Abhi “Love?” Pragya “That’s too general….Think more!” Abhi was now in deep thoughts…..This made Pragya have her chance to find something.

Pragya slowly moved from the bed where she was sitting and took his phone on the side table. Abhi turned in the direction of Pragya and yelled “Pragya! No!! Don’t do anything funny now! Give me back my phone!” Pragya “Then admit that u kissed me yesterday if not I will call him!!” Abhi said “ Okok I did and I was out of control! Now give me back my phone!” Pragya with a mischievious smile said “Hmm….” Abhi, Oh no is she going to repeat what I have done to her! No!! She shouldn’t do this now as Ma will be coming soon to my room!!!
Abhi quickly made his way from the bed to his closet and locked himself in there. Abhi from inside said “Pragya u just go from here as I have a meeting today at work!” Pragya “You are scared and anyways I just want u to admit what u have done to me yesterday! By the way I have done the mango pudding!” Abhi “Thank u! And please leave from here now!” Pragya “Haan leaving dear!”

Pragya, Always like this…..Always scared for Aunty and he didn’t know that she is not even at house now…She went to temple but he is scared that she would enter his room.
Abhi, Great escape! I should control myself until I settle everything that is related to her…..

Pragya went to the kitchen and was keep on day dreaming and reminiscing about Abhi’s kiss.
Pragya, He made me like this….He made me lost and that to with his thoughts! Actually it doesn’t matter as I am already lost in his thoughts….now in his actions towards me…..I should give him something to show that how lost I am because of him…..What should I give?

Abhi held Pragya’s hand pleaded “ Don’t leave…..I will solve everything but have faith in me…..” Pragya slowly removed his hand and faced him. Pragya “I have faith in you from the day I know u….My faith is asking me to faithfully leave u now….So don’t force me not to leave….”

So why is she leaving? Please wait to know that in the next update!

Firstly, what I want to share is about some of the ffs that I wrote like you are and always be my life and some other ffs that I had mentioned either I will continue or start…..The thing is I don’t really have the time to work on them. One at a time is what I am capable of right now. And that’s why I am only able to update this ff. One more thing sometimes, my mind is also not working due to several reasons like studies, personal problems etc. But all I can say I will try to update my uncompleted ffs during my holidays….I can’t guarantee that too as I am planning to work during my holidays. If time and the situations around me are ok then may be the ffs would be updated. I am extremely sorry for this but this is the way of my life…….

Next, is thank u for all the support for this ff, I don’t know how much u all like this ff but I know how much u all enjoy this ff through all your comments….that’s what matters to me as a scribbler! I won’t and never consider myself as a writer at any point of time. I know I am just scribbling like thoughts and my wishes how Abhigya should be or could be….I do had thoughts of stop writing over here, Not once but several times and I even cried for that in nights….silly right? Yes nobody knows how much I tried to leave….now all of u know that but I think I can’t leave that easily…..Don’t know why…..May be that much I am connected by scribbling here. And please don’t say sorry for not commenting or commenting late. I am telling this many times but u all are not listening. I believe that u all are reading it silently and that is more than enough for me.

I can understand how busy lives turn out to be so please don’t say sorry. One more thing I am sorry for not meeting some of your expectations in the way I write. As I told u all, I am not a writer but a scribbler who scribbles about Abhigya. I don’t want to mention who is it but I am very sorry for that. Thank u to silent readers too! I was a silent reader too now I really don’t have the time to read and enjoy as a lot of things around me have changed completely…..It’s ok but times will change and hopefully everything would be better…..When the very first time I started to write here I never even thought that I would get so many friends and siblings here. I just wrote to relieve from stress. I can’t express in words how much each and every comment that I received here made my day…made me feel filled with happiness…..Even my family don’t really like me writing here but I made it clear to them I know what I am doing is just for happiness and nothing else….. That’s all guys for the sharing session and thank u for bearing all my baks baks so far….

I was having all these inside my heart and today I had the time to pour everything out. So sorry for wasting all of your time by my sharing session.

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