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Sense of belonging to love (KKB) Chapter 24

Abhi was back to home after his work at office and call out to Pragya in a loud voice. Shanti ma hearing that came and asked “ Why are u yelling her name when she is not even in the house??” Abhi “ What?? Where did she went? Why she never told me anything?” Shanti ma “ She just went to the shopping mall near by and will be back soon!” Abhi “Oh i see….” Shanti ma “ I tried calling her but there is no response….may be u try calling her and tell me if she had answered.I am feeling a bit tired and I am going to sleep Abhi….” Abhi “ Ok Ma and next time please don’t stress yourself in cooking Ma….That’s why i asked Pragya to cook but she went shopping instead! She is so irresponsible!!” Shanti ma “Abhi! I never cooked anything at all it’s all Pragya! She went shopping to even buy some items for the kitchen and not anything else that u are thinking!! How can u blame my bahu like this??” After getting the nagging from his mother, he brought her to room to make her sleep.

Abhi, What did she do to my Ma that my Ma is nagging and scolding me like this for her!!! Seriously she have seduced my Ma!!

With that thoughts he tried calling Pragya but still it was unreachable.

Abhi, How many times do I have to call her!??She is still not picking up the call!!!

Hours passed and he was getting even more tensed as there was not a single call or message from Pragya. Abhi informed Robin to take care of Ma as his father was out of town. He drove to the shopping mall and searched for her frantically. That’s when he got a message from Pragya.

P: Don’t try to call me as I am at a very high position now. Thank u! Bye! I will call u once I get down from here.
Abhi after reading that was completely puzzled. Abhi, What is she trying to do?? I am already panicking and she is saying things to confuse me!

Abhi drove off from there and saw something weird near his house…..

He tried to look closely from his car and found it totally ridiculous of her doing that.

Abhi reached where she was and called her name “Pragya! What are u doing? Why are u up there?”
Pragya “ All because of u!” Abhi “Omg! The tree is shaking!!!” Abhi “What are u up to now?” Pragya “You said it’s up to my thoughts right? That’s why I am up here!
Just don’t disturb me!! Let me focus to pick one last mango!!” Abhi “ Looooook at your leg!” Pragya “What??” By saying that she was about to fell from the tree by losing her balance. Pragya started to stammer while trying to balance “ I…oh no….it’s breaking!”
Abhi just stood in a position trying to catch her and prevent her from falling to the ground.

Pragya lost her balance when the branch had broken. She fell just directly on top of Abhi!

Pragya first tried to move from on top of Abhi. At that moment, the mangoes from the tree dropped continuously on top of them making them still to lie on the ground. Abhi covered Pragya’s head with his hand to prevent the mangoes hitting the back of her head.

After a while, the mango falls stopped and Pragya first stood up followed by Abhi. Abhi “What is all this Pragya? U made me roam around like a mad person to find for u! And here u made me fall!” Pragya sheepishly looked at him and said “It’s all because of u…..” Abhi “Me?” Pragya “Ya when i called u for lunch u said u want mango pudding for night! And I asked u whether u want the mangoes from shop or trees? For that u said up to your thoughts! That made me to come here and take mangoes from here!”

Abhi “I am lost for words now…” Pragya “ Sorry! I just got excited seeing the mangoes here and that too for free!” Abhi “Promise me that u will not do like this anymore! You better pick up my calls next time!” Pragya reached out her hand on top of his head and Abhi “You want to promise on my head for this simple thing?” Pragya “Huh? Promise? No yaar I was reaching out my hand to pick the dried leaves from your hair!” Abhi scratched his head in disbelief on what else he have to face with Pragya!!

Pragya “Carry me! I can’t walk as my legs are in pain!” Abhi “This is why I am saying next time u don’t do this kind of crazy antics without my permission! You don’t remember my terms and conditions and that’s the problem!” Pragya looked at him and in the next moment he just carried her in his arms. Pragya “Arrey! Tell me when u are about to carry me! It’s so sudden of u to carry me like this!” Abhi stared at her and she kept silent loking at his stare. He carried her to his car and Pragya “ You carried me and I was literally carried away by your presence!” Abhi in response smiled for her crazily love towards him………

Abh impatiently askedi “How to keep u under control?” Pragya ” I am uncontrollable but one thing that you have can control me! Guess what is that?” Abhi “Love?” Pragya “That’s too general….Think more!” Abhi was now in deep thoughts…..This made Pragya have her chance to find something…..

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