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Sense of belonging to love (KKB) Chapter 22

If this is reality then let it be and I hope this doesn’t turns into a dream…..Dreams can turn into reality which gives happiness but when reality turns to dream a lot of things changes….It can be filled with happiness and even sorrows too. With that thoughts, Pragya went to see Abhi. It was evening and Abhi was with his parents having snacks, watching tv in the living room.

Abhi “ Mummy! Daddy! See how irresponsible is your Bahu!” Shanti ma and Ram already know that Abhi is now in his full mood to tease Pragya and also somehow accept her in his life. Shanti ma “ Don’t act cute by calling me Mummy! I know u always call me Ma and not Mummy!” Abhi gave a pout and said “ Ok Mummy!” Ram “ Ok Son! Then what u want to complain about our bahu?”
Abhi “ My complaint is she is not letting me to try to love her!” Pragya in a confused look asked “ Huh?” Abhi “ Yes! Whenever I go near her she is going away from me and she doesn’t even listen to me!” Pragya “ He is telling lies! He is the one who never let me go whenever he is near me!” Abhi’s parents smiled teasingly hearing that. Abhi gave a wink at her and she was still confused as in what he was trying to do.


Abhi “ Ok as u all know I am trying to love her and I am trying my best so now I need some help in that!” Pragya, Why is he like that? Who will ask like this openly for help in loving a person and that too when the person is just in front of u!

Shanti ma “ What help u want? We are always ready to help u!” His dad also signalled in agreeing to Shanti ma’s words. Abhi “ From today onwards your bahu must make all my favourite meals!” Pragya “ What? I am not a cook!” Shanti ma “Pragya! Just do and I will help u too in making his favourite meals!” Pragya again was helpless and said “ Ok Aunty but….” Shanti ma “ But what?” Pragya in a low tone said “ Actually nothing….” Abhi “That’s all and this is what I had to say!” Abhi stood from the sofa and walked passed Pragya by lightly touching her hand who was standing still. Pragya was once again disturbed by his touch and she tried to hide her feelings as Abhi’s parents was looking at both of them.

After a while Pragya was asking Shanti ma about his favourite meals and was mentally preparing herself to cook for him.

The next day in the kitchen:
Pragya, thank god! At least I know how to cook but why is he testing my cooking skills now?

Pragya with the help of Robin was busily preparing and cooking. That’s when Abhi came inside the kitchen furiously and dragged her to a room. Pragya on the way did kept on asked why is he doing like this but there was only silence from his side.

Abhi locked the door and stared at Pragya in anger. Abhi yelled at her asking “ Who are you?” Hearing his loud voice she told in a shivering tone “ I am Pragya!” Abhi “Who are u to Tanya?” Pragya with stammering said “ Her….sister….” Abhi slapped her hardly hearing that. Pragya was taken aback and tears slowly flowed from her eyes understanding that he knew the truth of their lives.

Abhi “ I didn’t expect u to tell so many lies Pragya! And that too to me! I know u will do crazy acts but lies is not part of it right?” Pragya “No….I didn’t mean to….” Abhi “I know everything and it’s not like what you’re thinking….it’s not even your fault in her death….Like u said she was so much in love with me….and that made her lose her life!!”

Abhi sat down on a chair and looked at Pragya who was standing in shock. Pragya “No! It’s because of me that’s why she is no more! I am responsible for her death and everything!” Abhi “Who knows her better? U or me?” Pragya in a low tone “ You…..” Abhi “That explains clearly and u are not going to lie anymore! One more thing….” He stood up and walked towards her. Abhi came closer to Pragya and cupped her face. Abhi wiped her tears and said “No more tears….as I know that both of us had went through a lot in life….now also we should go through a lot in our life….not sorrows but happiness that make us to be together….Do u get that?” Pragya in doubt asked “ Make us to be together?” Abhi hugged her tightly and kissed her forehead deeply in response. Abhi “ I guess this is enough to tell how much I want us to be together….I can still kiss more at the places that u desire but I have some plans for that….”

Pragya’s face turned crimson red in shyness and Abhi held her hand and said “ Sorry for slapping u just now….Does it hurt?” He said that by caressing her cheek. Pragya “ That’s ok….your touch never makes me hurt in anyway….”

Abhi “ Aww that’s so sweet then let me do something!” Abhi pinched Pragya’s waist and she exclaimed in pain. Pragya “It’s so painful….” Abhi mischievously asked “Shall I kiss to reduce the pain?” Pragya blushed badly and ran out of the room after unlocking it.

Abhi, I thought she like to kiss me but why is she getting so shy when I say shall I kiss her?

Pragya, It really doesn’t matters to him for what I had done? Why is that so? Does he love me that much? Or is he just trying to get me out of my guilt? Oh god! Now I am so confused….and again his closeness is just full of love….True love? Whatever it is I am deeply disturbed by his every single touch and words….

Your shyness is shining in love….let it shine like this as you are my sunshine…..

Ok guys so this is like different from what I had planned but I felt it as boring if I do a twist and reveal it in the nxt update itself….it’s totally my point of view….The upcoming updates will be filled with fun with a depth….lol fun with depth, i am just telling but seriously don’t know how will it be!! And mokshi sis are u sure my writing is that emotional? As sometimes I feel it’s very funny and over dramatic….just my point of view again….but to tell the truth Mokshi sissy your comment is always high in energy and it energizes me! Thanks for that! To the rest thank u all! Love u all! 😊😊😊

Basically my pov is:
Thank u friends and siblings for reading my updates although at times it is boring, ridiculous or even when it is very short. It really means a lot to me when u all are spending valuable time reading the updates! One more thing just ignore my pov! It’s just my pov on my writing…this will pop out once in a while when my brain is facing corruption issues.

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