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Sense of belonging to love (KKB) Chapter 20

First let me clear the doubt of Ishwarya, Abhi is not married to Pragya yet. Abhi’s parents have fixed marriage with Pragya knowing that Pragya is Tanya’s step sister and now she have no one for her. Pragya know his parents even before meeting Abhi. There is no memory loss in any part of this ff. So hope all this clarifies your doubt. There is a twist at the end of this update. To me it’s a twist but I don’t know how u all would feel!
Abhi looked at himself in the mirror. Abhi, What is this Abhi? Why do u look so tensed? U should be cool! I want to try to love her with coolness! Come on Abhi! But wait why is loving like her is so difficult?
Abhi came out of his room and saw her looking nervously at the floor. Abhi, Why is she so nervous? Let me go and check that out!

Abhi “Hi LF! What’s so nervous on the floor?” Pragya pointed at the floor and Abhi was laughing at her nervousness. Pragya “Stop laughing! Do u know how scary it is?” Abhi “Excuse me! It’s dead and u are nervous for a dead lizard!” Pragya “Oh is it? Let me see again!” Abhi “First I have to buy for u good spectacles!” Pragya frowned at him and turned away from him. Abhi “LF! Don’t be so rude to me! I was just teasing you!” Pragya not turning towards him asked “First tell me what is this LF??” Abhi “Oh dear! You don’t know that?” Pragya “Haan I don’t know!” Abhi “Simple Lovely Forever!” Pragya blushed hearing that and turned to look at him. Pragya, Where did he go? I thought he was just behind me! And now he disappeared so fast!
Abhi came in front of her and passed her a piece of paper. Pragya “What is this paper?” Abhi with a witty smile “Read it and u will know!” Pragya after reading it asked in shock “What is this?” Abhi “This is what u wanted!” Pragya “I never wanted this!” Abhi patted her head and said with a smile “Always like this….That’s why u are my LF!” By saying that he walked passed her and said to himself, Wow Abhi u made her shocked and I feel like patting myself for that! Let me give her sweet shocks like this and then I will give her a sweet surprise…….
Pragya was still holding the paper in shock and was standing still. Pragya, I didn’t expect this! Terms and conditions! What kind of conditions is this??? It’s just four but all are so ridiculous!
What’s in the terms and conditions? Let’s see:


Terms and conditions to love trial:
1. Pragya should strictly refrain from touching Abhi
2. Pragya should not use any short forms hereafter
3. Pragya should not do any crazy antics without the permission of Abhi
4. Pragya should update Abhi about all her schedule from morning to night
If Pragya agrees to the above mentioned terms and conditions then Abhi would make his try to love her by all means.
Pragya, I won’t agree to this! Never and this is so senseless! How can I even agree to this??? I will just go and throw this paper at him now!
Abhi saw her coming down the stairs with full of anger and he was looking at her sipping his coffee. Abhi “Hi! How are u?” Pragya “Are u seeing me after a long time?” Abhi “Why are u asking like that?” Pragya “You just saw me and now u are asking how am I?” Abhi “Just for fun! Anyways I think u have written the terms and conditions! It’s just four! Two for your wellness and two for mine!” Pragya “What?” Abhi “Yes Let me explain to u…First one u should refrain from touching me as it disturbs me and I want to try to love without any disturbances! Second one is u should not use any short forms as I can’t crack my head to find your short forms. Yes u do tell what is it but I want life to be straight without short forms!” Pragya “What about the other two conditions?” Abhi “Too much of crazy antics is not nice for the person I try to love! It’s not good for you too! You should present yourself calm and composed! Not with craziness! And lastly your schedule should be updated to me! Actually I know u don’t have anything to do except for roaming around this house! But still I thought after reading this you would think about making your life with more responsibility!” Pragya was fuming with anger and was breathing heavily hearing to all his explanations. Abhi looking at that found it very cute. Abhi “You are so cute LF!” Pragya came closer to him and said “I hate you!” Abhi “You are sure?” Pragya “Haan I am very sure! I hate you!” Abhi “Then I like it!” Pragya “What??” Abhi “Please stop your whats! Just agree to this if not I will tell Ma that u are not co-operating with me!” Pragya “What if I tell her about this conditions?” Abhi “If u tell then it’s ok I can change your name to someone else’s name….I can try to love someone else too right?” Pragya was stunned hearing that and realized he can do it with his irritating behavior just to irritate her! Pragya “I agree…” Abhi “Can’t hear you! Tell it louder!” Pragya came even closer to his ears and yelled “I agree to all this conditions!” Abhi rubbed his ears and said “I guess I need to add on more to the list of conditions….” Pragya “I seriously hate you!” Abhi “Thank you!” Pragya just turned away from him and he grabbed her wrist.
Abhi “Look Ms Pragya! I won’t allow u to leave that easily as you have become my responsibility now…..” Pragya “ Huh?” Abhi “You no need to turn to look at me but just listen to what I have to say!” Pragya was trying to figure out on what was he up to now…..Abhi kneeled down and kissed her hand. Pragya was taken aback by his sudden kiss. Abhi very soothingly said “I am trying to love u from this moment….” He stood up and left her hand. Now he moved in front to look at Pragya. Pragya was still in shock with her mouth widely open. Abhi “Shall I kiss to shut your mouth?” Pragya immediately closed her mouth and ran up to her room. Abhi, She is driving me crazy and I love it!
She closed the door of her room. Instead of being filled with happiness, she was filled with worries. Pragya went inside the bathroom and looked at the mirror. She smiled for a moment feeling his very first kiss on her hand. She placed her hand on her chest and looking at that through the mirror she said “This is for you…..” The next moment she broke down to tears….I am very bad….I am losing very badly…..I am losing myself very badly to everyone here! How do I tell everyone that I do not belong to anyone here…..My sense of belonging to him began in an unexpected way and how long does this have to continue? What if he knows that I am the one responsible for Tanya’s death?
This is the twist guys and there will be more points connected to the lines that Pragya have mentioned before.

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