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Sense of belonging to love (KKB) Chapter 18

Abhi was finding it difficult to resist Pragya’s presence but as usual his strong belief in I can’t and won’t love her was always present in his mind. Why is that so? Let’s see…..
It’s not about you or me….It’s about us….It’s about us being as belonging to each other. It’s about us being believing that our belonging is her belief…..My di’s belief…..Why can’t you understand that? When will you understand that? How can I make u understand that? I think only he will make u understand that…….Purab! Yes he is the one who can help him understand…..

Abhi saw Pragya lost in some thoughts and walking past him along the corridor. He was surprised to see her like that. He was keep on turning behind to look at her. Abhi, Weird! It’s weird! I thought she would keep on stare or smile at me childishly but now she is lost in some thoughts….until she didn’t even realize that I passed her. That’s also good as I don’t need to entertain her unnecessarily.
Pragya called Purab and explained to him about the situation. Purab assured Pragya that he would deal with Abhi. After talking to Purab, she was feeling relieved and came out of her room. Abhi was standing outside her room. Pragya saw him and smiled at him. Abhi too smiled back and asked “You are fine right?” Pragya “Yes….why are u asking like that?” Abhi “Nothing I thought you were lost in some thoughts….” Pragya “ Oh ya! I was lost in some thoughts…..lost in the thoughts of you….lost in some thoughts that said something about you…..” Abhi “Again! You have started this! Why Pragya?” Pragya “Why? It’s all because of u! I never do anything! You are always doing something to my thoughts!” Abhi “OK Thank you and Bye!” By saying that he walked away from there. Pragya was shocked by his sudden reaction. Pragya, Thank u and Bye? What was that? I am feeling like….never mind I hope Purab would help me!
Abhi received a call from Purab. He didn’t want to pick up the call as he was angry at Purab until now for hiding about Pragya and about his marriage. But Abhi still answered the call. Purab “ Hello Abhi!” Abhi in a low tone “Haan what’s the matter?” Purab “I know u are angry at me but did u know all this was actually Tanya di’s plan?” Abhi “What are u blabbering?” Purab “I am not! Listen to Pragya and u will know everything!” Abhi “You are just trying to help in favour of her and for that u are using my Tanya’s name!” Purab “No Abhi!! That’s so much more to Tanya di’s life and what u know is not enough….and u also always tell me! Do you remember? U always used to tell what I know about her is not enough!” Abhi remained silent hearing that and recalled the moments that he felt what he knew about Tanya was not enough. Purab “Go Abhi! You have to know her now through Pragya! Your belonging’s belonging will answer all your doubts!” Abhi “I….mean…how can I talk to her?” Ram who passed by Abhi grabbed his phone and told Purab that he would make Abhi talk to Pragya. Ram “Ok my son! Come on! You have to talk and listen to her now!” Abhi “Daddy! Please leave me alone! I don’t want to get confused!” Ram “Confused? You are already very confused and only Pragya can clear your confusion!” Abhi “Daddy…please!” Ram held his hand and pulled him and walked up the stairs towards Pragya’s room. Abhi “Daddy! I don’t want to enter her room!” Ram “If u never go now then I will call your Mummy! And don’t act like a child!” Abhi “Ok I am going….”
Abhi nervously entered Pragya’s room to see her. Ram “Go Abhi! It’s Pragya! And not some ghost!” Abhi was thinking, Even if it’s ghost I think I would manage by fainting but I can’t even faint in front of her! If not she would try to kiss me like last time!
Pragya was standing in balcony looking at the sky glittering with stars. Abhi walked towards the balcony and saw her. Pragya “I know you would come!” Abhi raised his eyebrows in surprise. Abhi “I just want to know about my Tanya….” Pragya “I was waiting for this moment too….” Abhi “You were waiting for this moment?” Pragya still looking at the sky with stars smiled and turned behind to look at Abhi. Pragya walked closer to him and held his hands. She placed his hands near her chest. Pragya “Do u hear her heart beat?” Abhi was lost in the closeness and the sound of heart beat. He could only nod in response. (Saiyaara saiyaara plays at the bg). Pragya “She wanted to tell about herself to you….but circumstances made me now tell about her….It’s nothing mysterious….it’s just something close to your heart that she wanted to share with u…..” She removed his hand from her chest. Abhi was still looking at Pragya and she started to tell about her di……
Her love started even before u realized your love for her. She always felt if she gets you then she will hide you from this world! That much was her possessiveness towards you. Like every love story your love story had a beginning but u never knew that…..
Abhi “You mean she knew me even before visiting my house as a doctor?” Pragya smiled in response and continued……
I saw her love for you in her eyes and she always used to say, you are only hers always and in all ways! I am just going to tell that love expressed in her eyes with her heart beat within me….


Only for you she kept everything hidden from you instead of sharing with you. She thought hiding would be far more better than sharing but she always wanted to share her heart felt feelings with you…only you….

Abhi hiding somewhere and Pragya “Listen! If u are hiding like this then I will have to see him!” Abhi from the place he was hiding shouted “First you see yourself then go and see him!” Pragya “What’s wrong with me that I have to see myself?” Abhi “Find that yourself!” Pragya “Stop this nonsense! I am going to see him!” Abhi “Go and see him but before that pass me that cream!” Pragya “But where are u?” Abhi “Find that yourself too!” Pragya, What’s wrong with him? Why is he keep on asking me to find???

What’s the beginning of his love story that Abhi didn’t know until now? Why is he hiding in the precap? Pls wait for next update to know all that!
Ok guys it was not my assignments but some personal worries that made me not update anything. Now I am trying to divert from that through this ff. I don’t know how long this will continue it would be better if she changes….

Coming back to previous update, Thank u for the wonderful appreciation. Some of u all asked me some questions, Haritha sis, I am not Abhi’s character in terms of craziness….My craziness is just like one of the dialogue in this ff….My craziness are the yearning for happiness…In that way I am crazily sensible….This may sound crazy to some of u all. Nisha sis! No I am not in my final year. Here we are studying slow and steady so I am still in second year. But it’s like a dream for me that time passes so fast! I can’t believe! Ya school or college or even work there is too much of work load nowadays….just have to manage and if not they would make us mad!!
And one more thing to all those who say sorry, please don’t be sorry for not commenting regularly in this ff. By right I should be sorry for not being regular so please don’t be sorry…..Thank u if u accept my sorry!

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