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hi every1! myself anshupriya….. this is my 1st os hope u’ll lyk it *fingers crossed* n all ur valuable comments r wholeheartedly welcomed but don’t 4get commenting
secret death



none knew prince edward street in montreal as well as our sanky did. for sanky had distributed flowers to the families on this for street for nearly 6 months now.

& for 4 of those 6 months, shona, a sweet sincere lady, had been helping sanky in distributing the flowers. when shona first came to the provincale flowers company, she was the most shiest girl. he was told that she was there to help him distribute flowers daily. everyday he used to drive the car and shona along with him sat on the front sit and adored her favourite flower i.e. daffodils.

shona had been a master artist by the name swara & used to submit her paintings online & got lakhs of likes & comments everyday. soon one of her fans named swara’s prince requested her to make a portrait of his & sent his photo. she was shocked to find that he was sanky. a smile unknowingly appeared on her face. she agreed & started making his portrait in her free time & admiring him when he was with her.

suddenly, shona’s parents died in a plane crash so her cruel aunt came there & threw her out the house with all her belongings. sanky was coming in that way to return shona’s phone & was shocked to see the scenario & took her to his house.

sanky stroked her back and consoled her. shona felt his touch warm & felt so very protective. he wiped her tears & cuped her face.

“shona you are the most kind person i have ever met & when you are good at heart nothing bad can happen in your life it’s just that destiny is testing your patience & intelligence & i know my shona would pass not only this test but all the tests,” sanky said. “your just like st. joseph (pointing to the statue of a person) (st. joseph was a kind, gentle & faithful person).” shona hugged him & reminisced his words & same did sanky “my shona”.

then he saw the paintings along with her & was confused & moreover to add his confusion he saw shona clicking a pic of a canvas which was non other than his portrait. he thought what’s this? did shona started liking him? & smiled in his heart. his thought process was broken when he heard some1 shouting “sent” & saw it was shona & he received a beep in his phone & to his shock he received his portrait from the swara. he went near the real portrait & saw swara’s signature on it which was present in all her paintings he had seen online. shona then came in front of him & told him everything. sanky still couldn’t believe that his lady love, his princess, for who’s art his heart fell, was standing there & he met her everyday but couldn’t realise.

within these 6 months, shona felt so carefree & behavied openly with sanky. both became bffs were very close to each other & shared all their secrects & dreams. sanky even taught shona how to drive cars & our shona being a quick grasper learned everything efficently, so now whenever sanky’s hand / back pained, she used to drive the car. both after their work, even went to long drives with each other just to admire nature’s beauty.

each morning they arrived together & left together at the provincale flowers company. plucked flowers together, played with them and distribute them. both had feelings for each other which were more than what friends have of which they were unaware. rags (sanky’s sister) would always say that “you both are equally mad” seeing at their antics & the reply from both in unison came always the same, “we are like this only” & trio would burst into laughter. “are you both soulmates or what? always having same thoughts? or previous birth partners who ran from mental asylum together & got separated somehow in this birth?” rags said once laughing holding her stomach “but see destiny again made you meet each other & now i have to tolerate all your nonsenical pranks. poor me. (makes a puppy face) but swasan were thinking about what rags said before. rags, “offo, i know i’m not at all good at cracking jokes making people laugh like you, but see i atleast i tried, still you’re in your thaaaaaaaaaatt mode shona what you named it i’m forgetting it wait lemme remember (puts a finger on her chin & acts like thinking) yesss, your that mode shona dimaag-stressing mode.”

she steadily goes puts her 1 hand on shona’s shoulder & other on sanky’s shoulder looks they’re still in their dimaag-stressing mode & starts titilating them & both start laughing & their foreheads meet with each other followed with a sweet eyelock broken by rags voice, “come on dears i can’t wait for you, i’m hungry i’m gonna eat / die!” both at night while sleeping thought about rags words but their sleep overpowered them & could never think of it again cause of their works.

it was gonna be 8 months of swasan together.

trio one day went to the wedding of 1 of their colleague (rags also worked with them only). sanky was wearing a tuxedo & looking handsome & dashing while shona was wearing a magenta off shoulder gown gifted to her by sanky & rags was wearing sleeveless navy blue one piece. both were looking very beautiful. sanky was mesmerized looking at shona he couldn’t take his eyes off her. whole time he was just staring her. after listening to everything which he heard in the church that he felt & admitted that he has fallen for shona.

he told to rags & she made him ready to confess swara.

he finally gathered some courage & proposed swara. & to his surprise shona accepted him happily. his happiness knew no bounds & he started calling her princess & completed her each & every wish. soon they married each other & loved each other to the core & could do anything for their beloved ones.

everything was fine going fine then sanky’s princess became. 1 day when swasan were returning home their car banged with another car. both were rushed to hospital where shona was alive with her baby in her tummy. yes she was still carrying her baby but was crying vigorously & rags was consoloing her cause docs announced that her sanky’s left her all alone in this thorny path of life when she was just 1 month pregnant & she now was a lifeless body.

she didn’t said anything, ate from rags’ hand & rags’ was like a guardian for her. she always used to sit on her bed & held sanky & her’s wedding photo. rags always made her sleep & slept with her to take care of her.

it was the day of her delivery. she gave rags a paper & said her to open it after her delivery . 1st time she said anything after sanky’s death.

she gave birth to a boy. & rags thought that now shona’s life would fill with happiness & immediately opened the paper only to find that shona had been blind all this days as she lost her eyes in the accident.

doctors inform her that, “due to accident when baby was in womb she had complications & she died. we’re sorry we could only save the child. she her we felt that she had no desire to live more.”

rags (monologue) (breaks down)- shona u proved that you too died with sanky. all this days you just lived for your child so i’ll name him sanskar. why? why? why? why swara it was your secret death? i know you very well. now he’s my only family.
sorry 4 all grammatical mistakes n all ur valuable comments r wholeheartedly welcomed but don’t 4get commenting.

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