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Sasural Simar Ka 7th November 2016 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 7th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Scene 1
Simar says to Piyush I know you are worried about what happened at Kapoor house? Don’t be this sad. its your sister’s wedding. We have to be happy. Piyush says if you want ma I will stay happy. The servant comes and says the photographer gave this, he gives her the USB. Simar says we will know who is the real culprit now. Vadahi comes too. They plug in the USB. All the folders are empty. Piyush says the folders are empty. There are no files. Simar says check again. Piyush says there are no files. Vadahi says how is that possible? Piyush says maybe there is a virus. Vaadhi says this was the last hope. simar says let me call the photographer.
Simar calls the photographer and tells him the USB is empty can he send another? He says I did’t backup the data. I


formatted my system. Khushi is sitting in front of the photographer. She gives him money and says thank you madam I deleted all the photos. KB says I dont know what game you are going to play simar but I won’t let you win. Vadhai says everything is over. simar says don’t give up. We still have that bracelt. Vadahi says there were so many people. Piyush says idea.. Piyush tells them what to do.

Scene 2
Agarwal is trying to shift from wheelchair to bed. Vikram comes running in. He says papa you could have called me. Agarwal says so many years passed to this accident. Forget it. vikram says when I see you this way I see his face. Because of whom you are in this condition. I can’t forget this. Agarwla says I might me paying for my sins. I am used to this now. Vikram says no its time for revenge. The Mehdar singh because of whom you are suffering, his daughter will pay for it now. What I have done with her, he wont ever sleep in peace. Agarwal says what you did with her? Tell me. Vikram says he would know how it feels/. Vikram says i did what a son should do for his dad. Saroj comes in.. She says Vikram look who is here to meet you. She takes him out. Simar is there. Vikram says aunty you? You look worried. Simar says yes there is something. Only you can help me. Simar shows him the bracelet and says do you recognize it? Do you whom does it belong too? Vikram says this.. Its not mine. Simar says I know it can’t be yours I want to know when you came for roka did you see it in anyone’s wrist. He says I can’t recall. Why are you asking it? Simar says its not just a normal bracelet. Whoever it belongs to has ruined life of a girl and that girl knows he was at our place on the roka. So I came to you. You might know the people who were with you. Can you recall who was wearing it? Vikram says in heart I have to know how much she knows about it. Vikram says I think I saw a friend wearing it but tell me what the problem. Simar tells him everything about Vadahi.

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