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Santoshi Maa 10th November 2016 Written Episode Update

Santoshi Maa 10th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Dhairya asking Kaka and Kaki not to tell anything. Santoshi says they have more right on our baby. He says you prove I m villain, what would have happened if you kept nurses. Santoshi says I don’t need them. Kaki says let Santoshi do what pleases her, she is happy with us. He goes. Kaki asks Santoshi not to worry and take care, Dhairya’s anger will get down. Kaka says father gets nervous when it comes to health, don’t worry.


Gaumata says I think Dhairya is doing right, Santoshi should focus on her health. Santoshi Maa says no one can take care of child more than a mum, Santoshi has worked hard, she won’t have any problem, my blessings are always with her. She smiles. Devi Paulmi smiles. Narad comes and greets Devi Paulmi. He says you look very happy today,

is it because of Santoshi’s good news. She says it seems you and Devi Santoshi have fear of me. He says never, I m surprised seeing you calm and happy, it seems this time you are alert and thinking if anything wrong happens by you, you will be punished. She reminds that Devlok needed her and called her, he should be thankful. She says I want to rest, you can leave. He goes.

He says Devi Santoshi, you be in your illusion so that I can do my work, I will attack on Santoshi’s body and health first. She laughs. Kaka says Dhairya should not pressurize Santoshi now. Kaki says yes, they both have to be happy, if either of them is happy, they will miss these moments. He says I will become horse for my grandchild. They argue. Santoshi smiles seeing them and is glad that baby news made everyone happy, Dhairya would be waiting for baby the most. She goes to Dhairya.

She says I got this milkshake made by Pushpa. He says you heard me. She says work is good in this state, I will just rest and take care. He says I know what you are saying, of anything happens to our baby…. She says don’t say this, everything will be fine. He gives her medicines. She says who gets medicines, get some food. He says its vitamins and irons, I read in pregnancy magazine, its good for woman and baby.

She tells baby that Dhairya is becoming a doctor. He says its for our baby too. He asks her to take medicines on time. She says we did not talk since many days, will you leave work and talk. He says I don’t have waste time to talk, go and sleep, I have much work. She goes and gets sad. She feels uneasy. He says take rest, you will be fine. She runs to vomit. He worries.

Santoshi Maa says I m worried seeing this. Devi Paulmi says Santoshi will shock you like this, such things will happen many times. Dhairya calls doctor and says fine, I will give first aid, come and see Santoshi once. He takes care of Santoshi. She faints. He worries for her. He calls Kaka and Kaki. He tells about Santoshi’s state. They get worried.

Kaka and Kaki run to see Santoshi. Dhairya says doctor is on the way. Kaki worries. Doctor comes and checks Santoshi. Kaka prays to Santoshi Maa. Doctor treats Santoshi and asks about medicine. Dhairya shows the vitamins and iron tablets. Doctor says everyone’s body is different, you are educated, how can you give medicine without prescription, matter would have been critical, this could be risky for her. Kaka and Kaki scold Dhairya for giving wrong medicines. Doctor says don’t worry, take care of her. Kaka thanks Santoshi Maa.

Devi Paulmi says Dhairya has the thoughts of me, and his foolishness will be injurious for the baby. Its morning, Dhairya wakes up and asks Santoshi how is she now. She says better. She finds him worried and thinks he is upset for his mistake. He says you know I have much work, so I did this foolishness, but you should have been careful, you do nothing all day, atleast focus on health. Devi Paulmi says great, not accepting mistake makes him my devotee, he is coming to my ideals. Santoshi Maa says Dhairya is behaving against our ideals, but good thing is nothing happened to Santoshi, I hope he does not do any mistake again.

Santoshi says I m going to temple. Dhairya asks her not to go anywhere. She gets shocked and says why are you saying so, you know I always go temple, you are insulting Santoshi Maa saying this. Gaumata says does Dhairya not remember your blessing and Santoshi’s hardwork behind his success. Santoshi Maa says his behavior changed. Devi Paulmi laughs and says now Devi Santoshi, you worry for your devotee. Dhairya says I m not insulting, I m explaining you. She says I m fine, I can go. He says you won’t listen, do anything, take driver along. She thinks what happened to him, he has to face many problems if he finds mistakes in right things.

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