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Hi how r u hope u all fine dis is my new ff keep reading



Dp: x chief minister very humble man he love his people very much more than tat he respect them.father of sanskar maheshwari

Ap; wife of Dp very humble women she likes poor people..she is very sweet cary mother of thier child

Suji: she has some relationship with Dp she is famous heroin in olden time..now starting 2nd innings to give tough fight to sanskar has a revenge of his father cheat..

Sanskar maheshwari:d man who pupil think has God due to his goodness hero and villian of dis story he is ready to do whatever, his aim to become chief minister..at present he is MLA for d place mysore..

Swara murthy : very bold type girl she doesn’t like boys and doesn’t like marriage and all she hate all boys because her sister died due to his bf from tat time onwards she think all boys r cheaters..? At present working has a primary school teacher..

Kavitha: very naughty funny she love her sister very much she is everything to her she is ready to do anything for her..

Ragini murthy: died character her case should be reopen but…how when. ..??

Shekhar murthy: post man has 3 daughters wife died 15 years back..his aim to marry her bold daughter to sahil an insurance agent who look same like monkey..but sahil little demand is tat swara should get government job before thier marriage..

Sahil :loose type guy but don’t underestimate d power of an insurance agent I love u swara..please marry me..his dream his to marry swara..

Parineeta: PA for sanskar maheshwari more than she is well wisher for sanskar..

Kaveri: sister of Dp her aim to marry her daughter kavya to sanskar..make her life settle..

Kavya: daughter of kaveri dream to marry sanskar..

Remaining characters I will introduce later


Place mysore
Shekhar mansion 🏠

I distribute all marriage invitation but my karma I can’t distributes my own daughter marriage invitation I don’t know when she will leave her attitude and obey to dis marriage , papa u again started how many times I have to say I don’t like marriage and all di y u showing attitude please agree for dis marriage swara took her hand bag starts to move di stop pls agree to dis marriage y u giving tension to papa agree di or tel which type boy u want tel atleast while moving in road she just c one cutout frame i want him can u marry me him…??
Kavitha c d frame I. E MLA SANSKAR MAHESHWARI..
Di u think I can’t marry u to him if anycase I will marry u..swara just feel pity and move of….???

Group of pupil MLA sanskar maheshwari ki jinda badh jinda badh
Kavitha: ji sanskar maheshwari my sister like to marry u I will send her resume to u..sanskar just seeing her face…???

SANAKAR says who is dis postman tell him to meet me..

So friends here is d promo it’s very interesting story for sanskar 4 heroine…in hint I can say Ragini 10 years back she loved to one boy later she got killed..who killed should be revealed..later swara agree to marry in one condition if her sister case got reopen and tat criminal should be punished let c Wats happen..
Swara doesn’t love anyone because of her bold and attitude personality but one point of time she fall love with sanskar..but sanskar is mla how can love a ordinary teacher without any modern moreover thier status and his status won’t match..but I say swasan is d pair but sans won’t love Swara he loves kavitha..kavitha aim to marry swasan she respect sanskar has mla but won’t like or love him..but in next episode u will get shock….??


I dam promise till today I read 1000+ plus fiction u didn’t read dis type story it’s just extra ordinary if u feel bored tel me I will stop here itself or else i will end has OS..because it’s my favourite serial telecast in our language I have change many things..MOREOVER I HAVE TO STUDY FOR MY PDO and SI exams so now tc bye friends😜😜 then read my other story PAYAL MERA PYARI BETI

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