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Sanskar: I love you Swara. Swara: I love you too (Episode 3)

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The episode starts with Sanskar reaching his home.


“Bhaiyya.. Remember.. All the preparations should be awesome.” Sujata says to decorates.

Just then, She sees Sanskar coming.

“Sanskar.. Where were you? Go to your room. There are some sherwanis.. Try them.” Sujata orders him.

“Ji Maa.” Sanskar says and goes in his room.
Sanskar’s POV

“Why is no one listening to me? Can’t they understand that I’m not happy. But tomorrow if they don’t agree, then also I will engage Swara only.. Because…. We love each other.. No third person can come between us.. Swara is only mine.. But first, I need to go and try the sherwanis.. Swara, don’t worry.. I LOVE ONLY ONE GIRL AND HER NAME IS SWARA. He said and smiled to himself.

POV ends

He goes in his room to try the sherwanis.. He comes out wearing it..

“Maa. Maa” Sanskar yells and comes at the top of the stairs.

“Sanskar baba.. Sujata malkin has gone outside..” Servant says.

“Uff.. She also na.. Did badi Maa go with her?” Sanskar asks him.

“No.. She’s in her room.” Servant says.

“Okay.. Thank you.” Sanskar says and goes to AP’s room.

“Badi Maa.. Badi Maa.” Sanskar yells and knocks.

“Haan beta.” AP says and opens the door.

“How’s this sherwani?” Sanskar asks.

AP looks in his sherwani.. “Wow Sanskar… You look amazing.. I’m sure Kavita will be lost in you..” AP compliments.

Sanskar’s smile fades away listening this.

“Thank you.. I’m finalising this Sherwani.” Sanskar says and walks out of the room.

It’s Engagment day. Swara is totally broken but somewhere believes that she will marry Sanskar and not Kavita.

“Baby.. Remember.. I’ll marry you.. Okay?” A boy says to a girl.

“Yes baby.. I remember.. Now leave..” The girl says.

“But Kavita….”

“No Shyam.. Go” Kavita says.

The girl and boy are Kavita and Shyam.

Screen shifts to MM mansion. The guests are seen coming. Sujata, AP, RP and DP are welcoming them.

“Where is Sanskar? Uttara, go bring him.” AP says to Uttara.

“Ji badi Maa.” Uttara says and goes to get Sanskar.

She knocks on his door. “Bhai..” Uttara says.

“Yeah Uttara.” Sanskar says and opens the door.

“Come downstairs..” Uttara says.

“Okay.. You go.. I’m coming.” Sanskar says and asks her to go.

Soon, Sanskar comes downstairs and Kavita too comes. (Kavita’s parents are no more)

“Namaste uncle.. Namaste aunty.” Kavita says and greets them.

“Namaste beta.. Sanskar is there. You go and join him.” They say.

“Jii.” Kavita says and joins.

“Kavita..I want to say something.. Come at a side..” Sanskar says.

“Okay..” Kavita says and goes to a side.

Sanskar tells her something which is muted.

Precap: What did Sanskar say to Kavita? With whom will he get engaged with? Swara or Kavita?

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