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Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 15th November 2016 Written Episode Update

Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 15th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in



Scene 1:
Location: Lanka
Hanuman takes his grand avatar and finds the sun rays fast progressing towards lanka. MEanwhile, Raavan guffaws that the sun is rising soon, and how he got threatened by raavan’s warning, and complied to his wishes. they go inside. In ashok vatika, sita notices the sun beginning to rise soon. anil is tensed and worried as to how the sun lord can be with raavan, and favour sin and injustice. sita says that this cant be, as goodness and religion cant be defeated as rama and his disciple hanuman are invincible. She however sees Garud dev steering through the sunlight towards the lankan warfront. she is ecstatic and tells them all who he is and why is he here, and how hanuman got him to do this. AS

the sun lord progresses, hanuman in his grand avatar, faces him, Meanwhile, hanuman bows down, and asks him for apology and requests that till garud doesnt save rama, he is helpless to obstruct him. he says that they cant let rama be apalled like this. the sun lord resignedly complies while sita says that its momentary now that garud dev finishes the Naag Paash. he tensedly eyes them all, and asks how dare they try and hurt him. he progresses towards the army, and the snakes start running away, scared by him. he says that he wont let them be hurt anymore, and now its his turn to service him. he gulps them all down, while sita looks on happily, feeloing a good instinct, that rama averted the trouble. Once its gone, garud dev leaves the area. As someone from the balcony of the royal palace finds that it isnt sunrise yet, he rushes to report to raavan. MEanwhile, garud comes and informs hanuman that the work is successfully done, and that he has relieved them of all pain and soon they shall be well. hanuman thanks him profusely for his immense help today. the lords smile from above. hanuman folds his hands in hmble gratitude. he then turns to sun lord, and apologises to him too for the inconvenience caused, and to disrupt his way. the sun lord says that he neednt apologise, as now sunrise shall be on time. he tells how raavan has threatened and thanks him for averting this instead. he asks hanuman to run to lord rama. he complies. hanuman finds rama and the entire army still unconscious. he begs them to wake up. with the sunrise, finally, they all wake up. they are pleasantly surprised.

Surgiva thinks that the demons must be plesantly relieved thinking that they are all dead, and now its time for them to make the demons realise that they are alive.

Meanwhile, an enraged demon comes and narrates this to Raavan, who is surprisingly shocked. they rush out to witness it. he beckons the sun lord, asking how dcare he betray them like this, and averted sunrise.

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