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Sanjana tries her charm on Veer in Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil

Sanjana tries hard to impress Veer. Sanjana is frustrated as Veer is getting married to Naina. Sanjana got a chance to trap Veer in her love. Sanjana tries to woo him by her beauty. Veer does not reciprocate and stops her from coming close to him. Veer dislikes her.


Sanjana just wants to get Veer’s property. Dadi comes to call Veer, and ruins Sanjana’s plans. Later on, Sanjana dances with Raghav to fool him of her love on Pam’s directions. Sanjana expresses her feelings for Raghav, which makes him very happy. Raghav and Sanjana hug. Dadi comes and gets angry seeing Raghav with Sanjana. Dadi slaps Raghav and beats him. Sanjana thinks Veer will get jealous seeing her dancing with Raghav, but nothing such happened. Dadi scolds Raghav and asks does he have no shame to repeat his mistake. She makes Raghav leave from home. Raghav tries to explain Dadi that Sanjana came to him to express love. Dadi does not listen and shouts on him. Raghav cries and leaves from Mehra house. Will Naina come to help Raghav? Keep reading.

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