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Samragni-the empress (episode 5)

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Princess Ragini sleeps thinking about her status.

Every day, she wakes early in morning. But, that day she was in dreams.

She is dreaming, wearing all jewellery, nice half saree, playing with girls, roaming in beautiful gardens, swinging on swing, swimming in a pretty lotus pond, spending her time in full moon night and eating all her favourite items….

Durga prasad, sanskar, swara and Uttara are waiting for Ragini at the practice place.

Dp: why princess is late today? She comes soon than you all everyday.

Sanskar: papa ji, leave her at least today. She practices everyday.

Dp: beta, she is princess.

Uttara: but, she is a girl…

Swara: she is different from others. Guru ji, I will wake her…

Dp: no swara. I will go.

Dp goes and sees peacefully sleeping Ragini. He takes a jug with water and pours on Ragini’s face.

She trembles and wakes. She looks shocked at Durga prasad.

Dp: princess, this is not sleeping time.

Ragini: mama sri…

Dp points a stick to her.

Dp: now I’m not your mama sri.. I’m your guru. Come out soon…

He says and leaves. Ragini sighs and gets ready.

At breakfast,

So many sweets and delicious items are kept. Ragini is about to take a sweet item.

Dp: princess, sweets are not good for you. You can’t fight if you eat like that.

Adarsh: durga prasad ji, you are putting unlimited limits to my daughter. eating them once doesn’t create a big problem.

Dp: princess, you will listen to your guru right…!

Ragini takes her hand back sadly.

Sumi: why are you restricting her like that bhayya? Let her eat once…

Shekar: yes maha mantri..

Dp: sodari.., maharaj, I’m not ruling over her. I’m giving her training in marmakala (an ancient art of blocking enemies nervous). She needs to follow strict diet.

All remains calm.

Sumi is looking at some jewellery.
Sumi: I will go to temple tomorrow. I will wear them. Dasi, keep them inside.

Dasi takes them inside.

Ragini: maata, I want to come to temple too…

Sumi: u ask permission of your Raj guru…

Dp smiling: sodari, she is your daughter. you can take her anywhere.

Ragini feels happy.

Ragini: I want to wear all jewellery and those beautiful cloths.

Sumi agrees.

Dp: no princess. .!

Shekar: again what maha mantri??

Dp: Ragini devi should be as a prince always. she should never get idea that she is a girl. If she bends to pleasures like this, she forgets to fight.

Everyone amzes with his words.

Sumi: what are you talking bhayya?? Being a women, doesn’t make her far from being warrior.

Adarsh: yes bhabhi ji. U r right. I don’t know why maha mantri is doing this for our princess.

Shekar: my daughter is his student. He knows very well what to do. It’s better if no one involves in this matter.

Shekar goes away.


Ragini keeps looking at the sunset at evening. Adarsh comes near her.

Adarsh: hmm..you are just princess for name not in real.

Ragini: what’s it choti papa??

Adarsh: you can’t even eat whatever you want? What kind of princess you are..??

He says and goes away. Ragini looks on. She keeps thinking.

“What did I get till now? I’m princess, but a slave. I can’t be like I want. I want my freedom…”

She thinks and looks at gate.
“Yes…I want my freedom. ” she wears a veil and slowly comes out of palace.

She looks back at gate.

“I hope, I’m not doing any mistake..” she thinks.

She goes forward fastly, and suddenly bumps into someone. That boy falls down.

She keeps looking at the boy. He is Laksh. He is about 18 years old then. And she is 16..

Laksh looks at her. Breeze comes and her veil falls down. He could see her face.

He doesn’t understand why.. but he liked her a lot. She is not beautiful…she is in wounds and in tired face. But he still liked her.
He wanted to spend his life just looking at her.. is he loving her???

While he is in thoughts, Ragini covers herself in veil and keeps going. He looks on….

Precap: Raglak times…

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