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Samragni-the empress (episode 2)

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Epi 2


The courtiers are looking at Princess Ragini amazingly.

She keeps coming towards the throne. The people are making her way and they are bending their heads.

Sahil keeps looked at her shocked. Ragini comes with all force towards the throne, she removes the arrow from throne and keeps on Sahil’s neck.

Ragini: have you grown this much dare to turn against to me..???

Sahil in anger: don’t just speak princess… prove this Kingdom that you are a correct heir.

Some people: yes…! Prove us..

One man: we just can’t accept a girl as our emperor..!!!

Ragini: I will make your wish..!! I will prove what am I..! I’m ready to any challenge. .!!

Sahil smirks. : fight with me princess..! But if I win, I want the throne.

Other province king: Kingdom is not a cake piece. Even we have right to occupy throne..!!

Ragini: who ever think that they are eligible for being emperor to the Gadodiya empire, can fight with me..!!

Other king: hahaha..she defeats however..

Others too laugh. Suddenly Ragini shoots a arrow which hits that king’s crown. All shocks and becomes silent.

Ragini: the shot didn’t miss. I intentionally made a warning. .! I’m inviting all those stubborn kings to war, who are unfaith to the royal throne..!!

She takes out the sword from the sheath.

The king gets angry on Ragini and comes to fight with her. But Adarsh stops him.

Adarsh: Rajkumari, you are just a girl and you are younger to all. How could you fight with all of them??

Then all hears a voice…
“What if she is a girl?”

All turns to his side. It’s Durga prasad. The raja guru.
He keeps coming towards Ragini. And he tells.

“Yuva Rani.., this stubborn unfaith subordinates are too greedy. They deserve nice lesson. Teach them…!!”

He says.

Adarsh: raj guru..don’t mislead her. They all are our saamantha kings. We need friendship from them.

Ragini: no problem choti papa.. They deserve it..

Adarsh is shekar’s younger brother. So he is choti papa to Ragini.

Ragini raises her sword. the province kings come to fight with her. People are seeing holding their breath…

One after one king comes to fight with Ragini. Rajkumari Ragini keeps fighting with them with sword.

All people amaze with her power. Nobody could defeat her. At last Sahil comes on fight with her. At last, she throws him to ground and keeps her leg on his neck.

Ragini: what do you say now king sahil??

Sahil: you are…you are Samragni.. ur correct to that throne..!

Ragini smiles proudly. All people cheer, “jai ho Samragni Ragini devi..”

She keeps going to the throne. Maids are showering flowers on her. The drums and veena musics are playing. all people are still cheering for her. She sits on the thrown.

Adarsh proudly places the crown on her head. Raja guru durga prasad gives her the sword. Pandits and all elders bless her.

‘Samragini Ragini devi… jaya ho..jaya ho..’

Every one shouts. Ragini keeps looking at everyone proudly and her eyes suddenly fall on a guy.

By appearance it is clear that he is a prince. He is charming.

That prince was looking amazingly at Ragini. She too looks at him surprised. Guru durga prasad obsevers her expressions.

That prince has tears in eyes and he leaves the fort silently.

Ragini looks on….

Precap: the enemies of Gadodiya empire….

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