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Samragni-the empress (episode 14)

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Epi 14:

Ragini: Sanskar..? I was asking you something..!


Sanskar comes out of his thoughts. Swara just comes and smiles at him. He puts his head down in shy. Ragini doesn’t understand his behavior.

Adarsh who was there itself: what Sanskar..? Are you thinking about your love??

Ragini looks amazingly at Adarsh: chote papa..? how come do you know about his feelings? You are lifelong brahama chari right..!

Adarsh: oh, come on empress..! These kinds of things aren’t a big science to have only experience and know… moreover, you are not a kid, you should know everything..!

Dp loudly: this is not the time to discuss those things..!!

Everyone look at Dp.

Dp: while, kingdom is going to be in trouble, your minds and hearts should work on how to fight not how to love..! this time, you have to be strong, and not weak thinking about it…!

Ragini, Sanskar and Swara firmly look at Dp.

Dp: Ragini and Sanskar… you are the main parts in the war tomorrow. Now, it’s your practice time…! Come on take your swords..!!

Ragini and Sanskar takes the swords. Sanskar looks at Swara.

Dp shouts: now start..!!

Ragini beats on Sanskar’s sword, but he falls down. Everyone amaze.

Ragini: where is your mind Sanskar?? Concentrate..!!

Dp goes furiously at Sanskar and raises him up.
Dp: you fool..! what are you thinking?? The person who is standing in front of you is your enemy in sword fight..!

Ragini holds the sword and looks at him firmly.

Dp: and your aim is just to defeat enemy..! Now fight..!!

Sanskar holds the sword tightly and comes before her. both starts the fight. Their swords sound is reflecting all the practice place. Other soldiers also stop practicing and look at them. No one is losing or winning.

Adarsh: I think Sanskar is only opponent to Ragini in sword fight..!
Dp nods his head.

Swara and Uttara keeps amazing, “they are fighting as real enemies..!”

They both come face to face.

Ragini: keep going Sanskar..! Show this power in war tomorrow..!

Sanskar: and surely, one day I will defeat you samragni..!

Ragini smirks and beats his sword. It flies in sky…
Dp holds the sword. “No one can be her opponent..!” he states.

A soldier comes and shouts, “I’m so sorry Samragni devi, King Nikil has run away.”
Everyone shock.

Next day,
Raajat’s army and Ragini’s army are facing each other. Sanskar and Laksh are at both sides of her. Dp is at complete left and Adarsh at complete right.

Laksh sees Ragini feeling somewhat nervous. To make her free,

Laksh: Ragini devi, how Lakshini is feeling? I forgot to ask about him.

Ragini: you prince Laksh, don’t you have any time sense..?

Laksh: my god..my goddess, you are looking very beautiful as warrior and in anger too…

Ragini looks angrily at Laksh: I will kill you first, before killing that RAajat…

Laksh: haaa…that much big boon for me? Do it right now my empress..do it right now….

Laksh’s brother who was beside him: bhayya, what are you asking Samragni to do?

Ragini says that can just be heard to his brother: your brother has gone mad, why don’t you show him to raja vaidy??

Sanskar: samragni, any problem? Why do you need doctor now?

Ragini in anger: Sanskar, I’m not understanding is it a war or something??

She goes forward before Raajat.
Laksh smile: now see my lioness in complete confidence..!

Ragini: cheating and wars are not new to you king Raajat. But, you already know how you were defeated in my hands before.

Raajat: that was your time. Now, it’s my time.

Ragini: then let’s see who has the fate.. let the war begin..!

The war starts. Sanskar, Dp and Adarsh are seriously fighting. Ragini is defeating whoever comes in her way. But, crazy prince laksh is looking at her while fighting too.
Then someone tries to attack Laksh, Ragini kills that person throwing a dagger. Laksh amazes.

Ragini: prince laksh, be serious..! this is war..!
Then someone tries to attack her, Laksh throws him down.
Laksh: I know devi, I can concentrate on many things simultaneously.
Then he beats other one just looking at her. she amazes.

Then Raajat captures Adarsh.

Raajat shouts: Samragni..! your chote papa is in my custody now. I will kill him, if you won’t bend your head to me.

Ragini shocks.

Adarsh: for my stupid life, don’t bend your head. Fight on empress..!

Raajat: soldiers, capture her..!
Soldiers come and hold Ragini. She beats them. Then she hears Adarsh shout, “aaa..!”
She shocks and looks at him. Raajat has made a cut in his neck.

“chote papa..!” she shouts.

Dp: Ragini…! There are no parts of emotions here. If you bend head, this empire has to bend. Sacrifices are the next step to success.

Ragini: what do you mean mama sri? I can’t risk my chote papa’s life..!
Ragini shouts: Raajat… we are calling off the war.

Sanskar and Laksh looks shocked at her. Raajat laughs victoriously.
Soldiers hold dp, Sanskar and Laksh. All their soldiers keep looking confusedly.

Soldiers bring Ragini before Raajat. Raajat is sitting on elephant.

Raajat: now bend your head Ragini Devi..!

Adarsh smirks looking at Ragini. And Ragini too smirks looking at Adarsh. Raajat confuses and a kind of doubt runs in his heart.

Ragini pulls a rod which is in the ground. The land breaks under her legs. Everyone move backwards. They hear a heart breaking elephant sound loudly. All keeps looking shocked. The elephant raises from the ground and Ragini correctly comes at back of it in the seat arranged.

Raajat keeps looking at her shocked. Adarsh reminds a fb, where Ragini and Adarsh has kept elephant in the underground, a two soldiers to take care of it. it can get sufficient oxygen, a machinery is arranged, so that when she pulls the rod, it comes up. It was all done on before night.

Dp too amazingly looks at it.
Ragini: thanks for helping me Lakshini..! (yes, it’s lakshini)

Now, Ragini jumps from her elephant to Raajat. Raajat falls down. Now, both comes face to face fight.

Raajat: what a cheating?

Ragini: everything is fair in war..! and, cheating you is really important.

Now, both starts. All continues their war.

Ragini throws him to ground. She is about to kill him, Raajat raises his hand showing his defeat. Then Ragini leaves.

Sanskar: it’s better if you kill him.
Dp: there is no need to kill the dead person.
Laksh: but, it’s not safe to leave him..!
Ragini: let him go…! It’s king’s quality to leave the person who asked for pardon.

Raajat stands and goes away.

Dp: hmm…now we have to be alert every day. We can’t underestimate Raajat.

Ragini keeps thinking something. Laksh suddenly shouts in pain. He is severely injured. His brother comes near him and takes him away.
Ragini keeps looking at him. Sanskar keeps hand on her shoulder. “come on queen, these are common in war.”
They all go away.

Ragini and Swara are alone in the room.

Ragini: there is someone in the palace who helped Raajat.
Swara: what? But, on whom we can doubt?

Ragini: I don’t know. I’m not understanding whom to believe or not. Who has helped that Nikil to escape? Unless, someone helps, he can’t escape.

Then someone knocks the door. It’s Uttara and Sanskar.

Uttara: a clue has been found.

They all go into a room. Adarsh, Dp were already there. And there is an other person too.

Ragini: who is he?

Sanskar: he claims that he has seen a man with veil who helped Nikil to escape.

Ragini: what he was doing at the jail side at that time?

Adarsh laughs: samragni, he is one of the prisoner.
Others all just laugh a little.

Ragini: then, can you identify the person??

That prisoner: yes maha raani devi, I have seen his face clearly. I can paint him. Because I’m a painter.

Ragini: I don’t want to believe this person. He is a prisoner. How can we believe him?

Dp: don’t say like that Ragini. He is prisoner, and that’s why he needs our pity. So, he will help us to overcome his punishment.

That prisoner namaskars to Ragini.
“yes empress, please give me chance.”

Ragini nods her head. He starts painting. She sits aside, as she is un interested in it.

After a while,

Prisoner: samragni devi, it’s finished.

Ragini only goes near painting to see it. and she is shocked.

Dp: so, who is it?

Ragini looks at prisoner.
Ragini: are you sure??

Prisoner bends his head: yes empress..!

Swara: ragini, show his painting fast…we can’t handle this suspense.

Ragini takes deep breath and turns the painting to them. Everyone are hell shocked.

“Prince Laksh…!!” all exclaims.

Precap: Samragni becomes maid to Laksh.

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