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Sacred Relationships: SwaSan (Chapter 15)

Sanskar picks her up from parlour and praises her.
Swara: gorgeous? I am looking like a joker and you are a big fool who paid 15000 for this.
Sanskar: don’t look in the mirror. Ask me how beautiful are you. See from my eyes how gorgeous are you looking. (Swara feels weird and looks outside the window. He thinks) I know Swara why are you afraid but trust me you will get very happy to see your family.
Swara: (hesitating) where are we going?
Sanskar: it’s a surprise for you my love! Just wait and watch.
Swara: I don’t want to go anywhere. Please take me home. (Sanskar does not respond) I said I don’t want to go anywhere. (Sanskar stops the car in front of her house and she is stunned.)

Sanskar: (opens the door of car) get off the car. (she gets down and he walks with her.) I brought you home. (smiles)
Swara: (looks at him) thank you! (smiles)
Sanskar: I was waiting for your this smile. It looks good with you. (knocks at door and Shumi comes.)
Shumi: ah my daughter! (hugs her) Sanskar beta! You got late.
Sanskar: sorry aunty! Actually, I had some office work. So, that’s why. (Swara looks at both of them confused)
Shumi: when you called me, I started doing preparations for you. the food is ready. Come! (they walk behind Shumi)
Swara: why you didn’t tell me earlier?
Sanskar: I told you it was a surprise. (they reach hall and Ragini comes to her running)
Ragini: are you my Swaru di?
Sanskar: (confused) yeah, why?
Swaru: (moves in a circle around her) because di is totally changed. I mean this costly saari, this make up and jewellery and on the top of it your hairstyle. (sarcastically) you never allowed anyone to touch your hairs and now full on patakha avatar, wow! (Swara hits her)
Swara: shut up Rago! I am tired and I want to rest.
Ragini: oh so you are tired. (turns to Sanskar) what you did jiju? see she is very tired. (laughs and turns to Swara) would you want to rest with jiju or…(raises her brows and Swara hits her with force)


Swara: stop all this rubbish! (goes stamping her feet in anger and Sanskar looks on amused)
Ragini: ouch di!
Shumi: where is she going without eating?
Sanskar: actually aunty, she is not feeling hungry. she needs rest so she went but I am feeling hungry.
Shumi: call me as mom!
Sanskar: ok mom!
Swara comes to her room and recalls her good time spent with Rahul. She recalls their fights and smiles. She cries.
Swara: Rahul! You always wanted my happiness. You said that Sanskar will keep me happy but see, I am not happy with him. (suddenly illusion of Rahul comes to her.)
Rahul: silly girl! Why are you crying?
Swara: you here?
Rahul: I said that I will be there where you are. (wipes her tears)
Swara: (teary eyes) thank you.
Rahul: why are you so sad? I want my doll to be happy always.
Swara: (crying tone) I am not happy with him.

Rahul: no my doll! You should be happy. He loves you.
Swara: (shouts) he does not love me. He just has lust.
Rahul: (teary eyes) no Swara! Never judge any person by his actions. (caresses her hairs) I have seen how much he loves you. and lust… (cups her face) it is his right. He is your husband Swara.
Swara: it will take time for me to accept this relation.
Rahul: take your sweet time but always remember one thing that never lie to him and always be loyal to him.

Swara: I love you! (tries to hug him but he disappears and she holds her head and sits on bed. She cries) Rahul! I promise I will be loyal to him but it is not possible for me to accept him as my husband. I cannot maintain a husband wife relation with him. I am sorry! (opens her cupboard and recalls that she kept her bridal dress here. She tries to find it but fails.) where did that dress go? Rahul himself held chunri on my head. It was very special to me. And where is my jewellery? (guys do you remember Rahul took her dress and jewellery with him as her memories?) ah! Not a good day. (lays on bed and Sanskar enters the room. She closes her eyes and he comes near her. He looks at her for some time and smiles. He recalls his days in university when he kept chasing her without her knowledge)
Sanskar: I love you Swara! I am sorry. (holds her hands) I know that I broke your trust but believe me I did not do that deliberately. I wish I could tell you this when you are awake and believe me but I am helpless as you don’t believe me. But I promise I will give your happiness back. I want to see you happy. (gets up and lays on sofa. They spend two days there. On the other hand, Rahul becomes very weak and his condition is deteriorating day by day. He sits on chair behind the breakfast table when suddenly he feels to vomit.)
Maria: what happened baba? Are you fine?

Rahul: yeah! I will come after some time. (runs to his room and closes the door. His head is spinning. He comes to washroom and vomits blood. He then splashes water on his face repeatedly. When he looks in mirror, he sees illusion of Swara. He gets tensed. Swara walks to him and cries)
Swara: I did not expect this from you Rahul! Why you did this?
Rahul: what I did?
Swara: you think you can hide everything from me? No Rahul! You cannot go like this.
Rahul: (smiles) I will have to go Swara! It is my fate.
Swara: no, I will not let you go so easily. How can you even think like that? I always need you Rahul. If you will go, with whom will I share my happiness and pains.
Rahul: your family will be there for you.

Swara: yeah! But you have special place in my heart and nobody could take your place. I love you Rahul.
Rahul: I love you too Swara! But now nothing can happen!
Swara: don’t think like that. Please do it for me.
Rahul: (closes his eyes) no doll! I am sorry.
Swara: I know you consider me as your friend but please I will die if you are not with me. Please.
Rahul: (cries) I cannot do this.
Swara: you can do it. and I know you will do it.
Rahul: no!
Swara: (caresses his cheeks) please Rahul! For me. Please!
Rahul: (hesitating) are you sure?
Swara: yeah! Please. (holds his hands) promise me you will do treatment of your disease.

Rahul: (stammers) I…I…(closes his eyes) I promise. I can do anything for you.
Swara: (smiles) thank you and never break your promise. Ok?
Rahul: ok! (tries to hug her but illusion disappears and he gets sad.) ah Swara! Now what should I do? You made me promise and I will never break this promise. (cries) I know I can’t live for long but for you I will try. I will try. (his head is spinning and he comes out of washroom and takes his tablet.) wait Swara! I am coming to you. (gets up and feels better. He goes down)
Maria: baba! What happened?
Rahul: nothing.
Maria: here is your breakfast.
Rahul: no need of it. I am going.

Maria: but where?
Rahul: (shouts) who are you to ask me? Just stay in you limits. (rushes from there and Maria looks on sadly)
Maria: I know baba! You can’t control your emotions but I understand your love for Swara. I wish I could tell her about you but you denied. (takes things and enters the kitchen.)

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