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Saath Nibhana Saathiya- Gopi’s Destiny Season 4 Part 3

Amba is sure that this was Rashi in front of her. She decided to enter the party again. Amba enters the party and bumps into Ambika. “ Ambika? You here?�

“ Oh hi Amba. All high profile people have attended this party so of course you would be here.� Ambika laughs. Amba gets suspicious that why wasn’t Ambika surprised to see Rashi?
“ That Ganga lady there, Raj’s wife, she looks just like Rashi. I think its Rashi.� Amba says. Amba looks at Ambika carefully.
“ No it cannot be Rashi. Rashi died remember after jumping off that cliff. We saw her body as well. It cant be Rashi.� Ambika says.
“ You fully know that Rashi was very cunning and was capable of anything. She killed her husband and tricked us all. That woman can do anything. I am sure she escaped from prison.� Amba says.
“ Ambika, it is impossible to fake your death. These things do not happen in real life.� Ambika says.
“ Oh really? Your humshakal Gopi did it when she was blamed for Kokila’s murder.� Amba says.
“ Well Gopi isn’t alive neither is Gopi’s saviour Parvati. Rashi had nobody to help her except Radha.� Ambika says.


“ Radha? Of course! The only person capable of planning a mastermind scheme like this is Radha! I will question Radha when I return back to India.� Amba says. Gopi worries for Radha’s safety and hopes Amba does not harm her. The party ends and Amba comes back to Ganga’s house again. “ Ganga! Rashi! Whoever you are! Come down now!� Raj and Rashi come down the stairs and tell the children to go back to sleep.
“ Amba! Why are you here?� Raj shouts.
“ Raj Ji, let me handle this mad woman!� Ganga says. Ganga approaches Amba.
“ What right do you have to come to my house and speak in a high voice?� Shouts Ganga.
“ Rashi Modi!� Amba shouts.
“ Enough of your nonsense!� Ganga screams. “ When you speak to me, eyes lower and voice lower. Do you understand?�
“ You came back as Ganga to get revenge? What will you do? You will rot in prison again. Do you understand Rashi Modi, I will ruin your life again! I will snatch your family away from you again and you suffer!� Amba warns.
“ You are making the biggest mistake threatening a woman like me Amba. You are threatening Ganga? You are a fool.� Laughs Ganga.

“ You wait and watch Rashi.� Amba leaves the house and Raj comforts Rashi and takes her to their room.
Amba returns to the Modi mansion. “ Radha! Radha Modi!� Screams Amba. “ Where are you, you cow!� Meera comes.
“ What happened Amba?� Meera asks.
“ Where is Radha?� Amba asks. Radha arrives.
“ I am here.� Radha says.
“ Come with me. I need to talk to you Radha about something.� Amba says. Meera is watching. “Why are you standing here buddhi? Go and do your work!� Meera leaves. Amba takes Radha to Sindoora’s house. Radha and Amba sit down. Sindoora arrives and Radha hugs Sindoora. Radha smirks evilly.
“ How are you Sindoora?� Radha asks.
“ I am ok Radha. How are the Modis today?� Sindoora asks.
“ Miserable as always. I have known the Modis for years and that house is still boring.� Radha says.
“ You know I still find it hard to believe that you are Gopi’s sister? You are evil and she is sanskaari.� Sindoora laughs.

“ Gopi behen was the evil one. Always stole all my happiness and made me suffer all the time. I spent my childhood looking after my mentally ill mother. Then my Umang Ji was murdered. Then Gopi got married to Ahem instead of me. Then I got sent to jail and mental asylum. Then Gopi tried to kill me. Then Gopi behen came back as Durga and once more stole my happiness and finally you killed me Sindoora. But I forgive your sin Sindoora as me and you, aunty and niece, are the Modi’s biggest enemies.� Radha says. Vamp tune plays.
“ What about me? I thought I was their biggest enemy? I killed Jigar and Rashi got blamed for the murder because of me.� Amba says.
“ Amba you haven’t known the Modis as well as me and Radha have. Me and Radha are the only Modi enemies that have not been defeated yet. I still haven’t been arrested for murdering Gopi, Ahem, Rashi , Jigar and Radha. The rest of the enemies became good or went away but me and Radha have always fought with the Modis and we will always win.� Sindoora says.
“ Sindoora is right Amba. Even Kumari was a great enemy for the Modis but she has gone now. But we have always had one goal and that is the destruction of the Modis. Kokila Modi, Gopi Modi and Rashi Modi are all dead now. Nothing to stop us.� Radha laughs. Amba and Sindoora stay quiet. “ Whats wrong? Why are you silent?�
“ We think that Rashi is still alive.� Sindoora says.
“ What? How?� Radha says.
“ Because I saw her in the Abu Dhabi party and she was known as Ganga, Raj’s wife.� Amba says.

“ Similar how Gopi behen came back as Durga. If there was one person who knows how to play this game, it is me because
I have already played this game with my war with Durga Agarwal as Kaushika. I cant believe once more I will play this game again.� Radha says. “ We expose her. Rashi behen loves her daughter so much. We will put her daughter in danger.�
“ How?� Sindoora says.
“ We get Gopi married to an old man. Rashi wont be able to control her feelings. Her mother’s love will come out and she will try to save her daughter.� Radha says.
“ Excellent plan Radha.� Amba says.
“ I agree Radha. I guess I get my brains from my maasi.� Sindoora says. “ I guess the engagement ceremony will happen tomorrow and I will also come to the party. We will invite Raj and Rashi to the ceremony.� Sindoora says.
“ How will you come? Everyone thinks you are dead. If the police find out?� Amba says.
“ Oh Amba. What level does your brain work these days? I will come with a new identity. Savitri will be my new name.� Sindoora says.
“ Savitri. I like it.� Amba says.

Amba and Radha comes back to the Modi house and she calls the Modi family. Ahem is furious at Amba disrupting him when he was working in his room.
“ How are you disturb me Amba?� Ahem scolds her.
“ Hey duffer. I wanted to talk to the whole family. Have some respect.� Amba says. Naiya arrives wearing a dupatta and a heavy sari- similar to Kokila style. Kokila tune plays.
“ Amba bahu. What is it?� Naiya asks.
“ I want Gopi to get married and Radha agrees. Gopi is 25 years old now and she cant stay here forever. Her parents are no longer alive and she has nobody. I want her to have a jeevansathi.� Amba says. Modi family are happy.
“ That is great news.� Krishna says.
“ When is the groom’s family coming?� Kajol asks.
“ Tomorrow is the engagement.� Amba says. Gopi Jr hears everything. She cries and runs to her room. Radha runs after her. She consoles her but smiles evilly.
“ Don’t worry. Your future husband will look after you. Do you know who Amba saw at a party 2 days ago? Your mother Rashi.� Radha says. Gopi Jr is shocked. Radha shows her a picture of Rashi, Raj, Jigar and Pari.
“ Mama is alive? Who are those children? And that man?� Gopi Jr cries.
“ That is Rashi’s husband and son and daughter. She has been living away with a new family and you have been living as an orphan. I will leave now.� Radha says. Gopi Jr picks Rashi’s picture off the wall and throws on the floor.
“ I hate you Rashi Modi for what you have done to me! You did murder my father and now you are with another man! I hate you!� Gopi Jr screams. She burns Rashi’s picture. Radha laughs evilly seeing Gopi Jr’s hatred for Rashi.

Precap- Savitri enters the Modi mansion. A storm happens and the lights go off. Glass shatters and Radha-Krishna idol starts moving. Modi family are shocked to see a strange woman entering the house.

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