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Saath Nibhana Saathiya- Gopi’s Destiny Season 4 Part 2

Amba comes back to the Modi house and sees her other friend sat in the lounge called Priyanka (Rashmi Desai). “ Amba! I have been waiting for 2 hours here for you!” Priyanka says.
“ Sorry, I was actually at my friend’s house.” Amba says. Amba sits down. “ Munni! Munni! You worthless servant! You didn’t learn anything from your grandmother Meethi did you? She was a nukrani here as well so you act like one! Make all Priyanka’s favourite dishes that she eats every time she comes here!”
“ Ok madam!” Munni runs to the kitchen. Amba and Priyanka laugh.
“ Amba, I have known you since childhood. I don’t know how you settled so quickly here. At college, you used to be everyone’s hot topic. You were the hottest girl in our college and everyone knew that you always wanted to win and you’d get everything you want. How have you settled here?” Priyanka says.
“ Ajay brings me diamond jewellery every month and I live like a queen in this house. Of course I am settled.” Amba says.
“ But is there excitement in your marriage?” Priyanka says.

“ No sadly. Ajay is so boring, not even romantic at all.” Amba says.
“ Do you remember Raj, our college’s head boy? Everyone knew how much you liked Raj. He was also crazy about you. He has a Diwali party tomorrow in Abu Dhabi. Come on, have a little flirt with him.” Priyanka laughs.
“ Ok… I will meet you at the airport tomorrow. Cant wait!” Laughs Amba. Priyanka leaves. Amba lies down and Kajol comes.
“ Amba, have you made any plans?” Kajol asks.
“ Yes, tomorrow I am going Abu Dhabi to a party. I want you to keep an eye on the family members while I am gone, especially Meera and Vidya. Those stupid old women are becoming more like Rashi.” Amba says.


“ I will keep an eye on them. Consider me second in command in this house Amba. You have been celebrating a lot these days Amba?” Kajol asks.
“ 15 years ago, a lot of funerals happened in this house remember? Ajay’s child’s death, Jigar’s death and Rashi’s death. The same way, a lot of celebrations can happen. I’ve had enough of the sad atmosphere and I want to enjoy my life. This family is still mourning over Rashi, the evil woman who snatched away this family’s son.” Amba says.
“Forget the past, just have fun tomorrow.” Kajol says.
“ I will.” Laughs Amba. “ Out of all the people in this house, I trust you the most and Naiya.”
“ We will always stay at your side Amba. Rashi ruined your life by murdering Jigar and you need to live a new life. I got you married to Ajay because I felt sad that someone from our family ruined your life.” Kajol says. Amba thinks that the Modis are fools to listen to her lies.
“ Yes.” Amba fake cries. Gopi Jr enters the household with Radha. “ Look, both maraanis have come at last. Radha where have you been with Gopi?”
“ We went shopping, Gopi didn’t have new clothes for Diwali.” Radha says.
“ With whose money?” Amba asks.

“ Ahem Jiju gave it to me.” Radha says. Amba laughs.
“ Asking your brother in law for money. Poor Radha, you have no husband. Look at your sister Ambika and Ahem and look at you. The great Radha who once troubled the Modis long ago is begging for money?” Laughs Amba.
“ I was not begging. He is my late sister’s husband. He is the only one I have in this house after Rashi behen’s death!” Shouts Radha.
“ How dare you raise your voice? I will leave you for now Radha but next time, keep your eyes and voice down when you speak to me? Otherwise I will throw out of this house, do you understand?” Amba shouts. “ Gopi, are you happy with these clothes.”
“ Yes.” Gopi says with fear.
“ Show them to me.” Amba says. Gopi Jr gives the bag to Amba. Amba takes the clothes out. “ Very nice sarees but I think it is a bit too many sarees.” Amba rips the sarees and leaves one unripped. “ Here, you only have one sari to wear tomorrow, you don’t need other sarees.”
“ She is your niece! Your sister’s daughter!” Radha cries. “ How could you be so cruel!”
“ Radha, didn’t you throw your niece Meera off the cliff and made her live as an orphan for 8 years? How could you be so cruel? Your dead sister’s daughter?” Radha doesn’t reply. “ Exactly so don’t criticise me Radha.” Amba goes to her room.

“ How long will this happen Mama? How long will we live like this?” Gopi Jr cries.
“ If Rashi behen was alive today, this wouldn’t be happening.” Radha says, they both hug each other.
In Abu Dhabi, Gopi and Rashi are bonding in the lounge. Raj returns with their children. Raj is happy to see Gopi after so long. “ Gopi Ji! You here?” Raj runs to hug Gopi. “ Oh I missed you I missed you so much.”
“ Raj leave her, you’re suffocating her.” Laughs Rashi. “ Gopi, this my son and daughter, Jigar and Pari.” The children greet Gopi.
“ Lovely children. You named them after Devar ji and Paridhi? So sweet Rashi.” Gopi says. “ Do you annoy your mother a lot?”
“ No, mama annoys us a lot. She always scolds us.” Pari says.
“ We don’t say that bache. Mothers scold us a lot because they love us. I remember when Vidya was very small and I used to scold her so much when she was naughty. Mother’s anger is mother’s love.” Gopi says.
“ I like you aunty. You are the best.” Jigar says. “ Will you get us computer games?”
“ I will only if you promise if you call me Bari Maa. Both of you?” Gopi says.
“ Promise!” The children say.
“ Ok bachu fresh up. Me and Gopi need to do so many arrangements for the Diwali party tomorrow.” Rashi says. Raj stares at Rashi. “ Raj Ji, why are you staring?”
“ You look very beautiful today.” Raj says. Gopi starts giggling.
“ Raj, there is someone present here.” Rashi blushes.
“ What? I am married to you. I am adoring my wife’s beauty.” Raj says. Rashi goes to the kitchen shyly. Gopi smiles.
“ I am proud of the way you have taken care of Rashi for 15 years. After Devar ji’s death, I didn’t know what to do. I am glad to see Rashi happy like she used to be.” Gopi says.
“ I love Rashi and I can do anything for her. When you told me her story, I promised myself that I will always protect her no matter what. I can give my life for her. Rashi is everything for me.” Raj says.

“ I understand, you love Rashi as much as I love Ahem Ji. The way Kahna Ji united me and Ahem Ji, Kahna Ji united you and Rashi as soulmates.” Gopi says. “ I hope Rashi wins her battle against Amba and finally lives happily ever after.”
The next day, Amba and Priyanka arrive at the party. “ Ooo, that’s Raj there. He still looks handsome. Let’s go and talk to him.” Priyanka squeals. They meet Raj.
“ Hi, I don’t recognise you sorry.” Raj says.
“ Its me Amba? We went to the same college?” Amba says.
“ Oh Amba, how are you?” Raj says, Raj is shocked to know that Amba is here. He had to inform Rashi fast. Amba sees a ring on Raj’s finger and is disappointed.
“ I am fine, are you married?” Amba asks.
“ Yes, my wife is upstairs. I will go and call her.” Raj goes.
“Priyanka, why did you drag me here? He is married.” Amba says rudely.
“ So what? Get them divorced.” Priyanka says.
“ Are you mad?” Amba says. “I’m not that desperate.”
“ You said you came here to have a flirt.” Priyanka says.
“ You told me to and you never told me that he had a wife?” Amba says.
Raj goes to Rashi. “ Rashi, your sister Amba is here.” Rashi is shocked but Gopi calms her down. “ Rashi, now is the time to show Amba your new birth. Face your biggest enemy.” Gopi says.
Raj returns back downstairs. “ Guys I will like to introduce my lovely wife who organised this party, Ganga.” Gopi and Ahem’s love tune plays and Rashi walks downstairs in her modern avatar. Priyanka and Amba are shocked.

“ Greeting everyone. My name is Ganga and I hope you all enjoying the party.” Ganga says and Amba starts clapping and approaches Ganga.
“ Wow! Superb Rashi! Welcome back Rashi Modi! Welcome back! How are you?” Amba says.
“ I don’t what you are talking about? Who are you?” Ganga says.
“ You don’t recognise your own sister. Don’t play games Rashi. You can fool everyone that you are Ganga but I know you are Rashi Modi.” Amba says.
“ Amba, this isn’t your sister. Your sister is dead. This is Ganga.” Priyanka says.
“ Rashi is not dead. She is standing right here!” Amba says. Priyanka grabs her.
“ Come with me, you are causing too much drama here. Come with me!” Priyanka says. Priyanka and Amba go outside. “ What’s wrong with you Amba? Rashi is dead!”
“ Rashi is not dead. She is alive. She has come back for revenge. I can recognise from her smell and her voice. We have a special connection, us two sisters. She has come back for revenge but I still have revenge left. She will try to defeat me but will die doing so.” Laughs Amba.
“ I think you need to go back to India Amba and I’m going back to that party.” Priyanka says and she goes back inside.
“ I know that is you Rashi. I will call Sindoora.” Amba says. Amba calls Sindoora and tells her. Sindoora is stunned.
“ Rashi? Alive? You are right Amba but we need to be sure that this is Rashi.” Sindoora says. “ I will call you later.” Sindoora gets worried and wonders who helped Rashi become Ganga.

Precap- Amba comes to Ganga’s house at night and warns Ganga that she will ruin her life once more. Ganga says that Amba made a very big mistake entering her house late at night and threatening her.

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