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Saath Nibhana Saathiya- Gopi’s Destiny Season 4 Part 1

Amba is introduced in a glamourous avatar. She got married Ajay and is now the head of the Modis. She sees Meera and Vidya. “ Refugee camp. I forget that you two are still alive. You’re so old, when will you leave this world?� Amba laughs. Meera and Vidya put their head down.
“ Amba, there is someone calling you.� Meera says.
“ You had my phone?� Amba shouts, she slaps Meera and Vidya is shocked.
“ You hit her in her old age?� Vidya says.

“ Shut up! Stay in your limits budiya!� Amba shouts. Meera starts crying and Vidya takes her out of the room. Amba picks up the phone. “ Hello?�
“ Hello, Amba it is me. I want you to come and talk to me.� The mysterious voice says.
“ Ok, I am on my way.� Amba says. Amba arrives at the person’s house. She enters the house and finally a woman appears. Vamp tune plays. The woman is none other than Sindoora. Sindoora, who killed her own parents for revenge. She was back. Gaura tune plays.
“ Amba, you are finally here my darling.� Sindoora says.
“ My best friend called me and I rushed to get here.� Laughs Amba.
“ I called you because we need to do more. I helped you kill Jigar 15 years ago…�

Jigar comes out of the car after seeing a woman wearing black sari. He sees Sindoora and is shocked. “ Sindoora, you are still alive?� Jigar says.
“ Yes I am still alive. The Sindoora who died 10 years ago was not me but a fake me that I sent. Bachari Gopi died for nothing.� Sindoora laughs.
“ You evil woman! You killed your own parents for your own selfish desires! I am going to call the police right now!� Jigar shouts. Jigar is about call the police when Amba comes and hits Jigar from behind on the head with a rod. She hits him multiple times.
“ Jigar Modi, this is what you get for messing with Amba Modi. I will make you suffer!� Amba screams. Jigar falls to the ground and Amba stops hitting him. Amba and Sindoora grab Jigar and throw him into the car.
“ Amba, he is dead. Now Rashi will fall into our plan. Gopi is gone and now Rashi will also go away.� Sindoora says.

“ The Modis are in my control again Amba, in our control but I want to finish them off. We need Ambika’s help. Only she can help us.� Sindoora says.
“ Ambika has gone abroad.� Amba says.
Ambika arrives in Abu Dhabi. She knocks the door of a household. Rashi opens it and is shocked. “ Gopi? You?� Rashi gets happy. They both hug.
“ Rashi behen. I missed you so much! 15 years has passed!� Gopi cries. “ You couldn’t believe the relief 15 years ago when I told you that I wasn’t Ambika but I am the reincarnated Gopi Modi.�
Rashi falls off the cliff and drops in the water. She is saved by Raj. Raj takes her out of the water. Rashi wakes up and is shocked to see Ambika, Kokila and a strange man.
“ Kaki Ji! Ambika! Kaki Ji, how are you still alive?� Rashi says.
“ Rashi, this isn’t Maaji. This is Jigna’s granddaughter who looks like Maaji.� Ambika says.
“ You said Maaji, Ambika?� Rashi says.

“ Yes, I said Maaji because I am Gopi and the real Ambika is dead. Ambika was the one who was killed by the fake Sindoora. Yes, Divya is still alive. I pretended to be Ambika for 10 years without our family knowing because I knew Divya was still alive to destroy our family. As long as Divya thought I was dead, our family was safe. For our family’s happiness, I sacrificed my own identity and I lived as Ambika.� Gopi cries. Rashi hugs Gopi.
“ I am so happy you are still alive.� Rashi cries.
“ Rashi we will catch up later. I have a medicine that will make it appear that you are dead. Take this medicine. You will be unconscious but we need the police to find your dead body before we can escape.� Gopi says. Rashi takes the medicine and rests on the ground near the lake. Gopi, Raj and Tulsi run away and the police find Rashi’s dead body. The police cremate Rashi’s body by throwing into a crematorium. Rashi falls into the morgue where she meets Gopi, Tulsi and Raj who take her away from there.

“ 15 years ago, I saved you. Today you are not Rashi, but you are Ganga. You are Ganga. If there is Amba, then Ganga will also arise. If I am like Kahna Ji giving you guidance then you are Arjun. Only you can fight this mahabharat. Today, we both fight this war against evil Rashi behen. Today, Sindoora and Amba will pay for everything. Today, the story of Gopi and Rashi will finish and the story of Ambika and Ganga will begin!�
Precap- Rashi is shocked to see headlines that Amba Modi is getting her niece Gopi Modi married to an old business man. Gopi blows the horn and says that Rashi’s mahabharat will begin when she takes a dip in the River Ganges.

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