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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 6th November 2016 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 6th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Urvashi and Jaggi see Radhika crying. Jaggi asks her to stop crying and apologizes. He asks her to say something. Radhika hugs him and says you don’t need to apologize. Urvashi blesses them, and says one gets peace in forgiving and apologizing someone. She says very soon I will bless you for happy married life. Meera looks for Chanda in the house. Vidya comes and asks what happened? She says Chanda have to take fruits and juice. Vidya says she might be in garden and goes to check. Pandit ji checks the mahurat and tells the date. Kokila likes it. Urvashi says how we will make the arrangement. Gopi asks her not to worry and says they will do all the arrangements. She asks Pandit ji to bring ingredients used in the puja. Urvashi says I didn’t know the rituals. Kokila says I will explain


everything to you. Gopi asks her to come as groom’s mum. Urvashi is thankful to Kokila. Kokila asks Sona to take out silver utensils tomorrow. Urvashi asks Radhika, if she is ready to become her bahu. Radhika is shy. Urvashi is happy. Urmila prays to God to do something to sign them that this marriage is not right.

Radhika tells Jaggi that she likes him. Jaggi thinks to do something before she fell in love with him. He scolds her for coming to his room without knocking. Gopi asks why you are scolding her. Radhika says I went to inform him about mandap puja. Gopi reminds him that Radhika is his to be wife, and asks him to lock the room from next time. Jaggi gets upset.

Meera calls Dharam and tells him that Chanda went somewhere and asks him to come home fast. Vidya comes back and says she couldn’t find Chanda anywhere. Meera blames herself and thinks I must have told something and hurt her. Vidya says she is not a kid, and asks her to relax. Meera cries and asks God to protect Chanda and her baby.

Urvashi is tensed. Kokila asks what happened? And where is Jaggi? Urvashi says Jaggi said that he will not sit in puja. She says don’t know what to do. Gopi says I will call him and goes to his room. Jaggi says if you came to call me for puja, then go back as I will not come. Gopi asks why? Jaggi says I didn’t agree to do other rituals, and if I do this then it will be proved that I am marrying with my wish. Gopi says these rituals are for you both. Jaggi says I am marrying her because of you, and then I have to lie as per Radhika’s wish. Gopi asks why you are increasing troubles. Jaggi asks if I am increasing troubles and says I love you, and then also I am marrying someone else, just because you want. He says you can’t know about my heart feelings. Radhika hears him and is shocked. She turns back and something falls.

Radhika cries and goes from there. Jaggi thinks whatever happens is for good. Urvashi and Kokila are talking. Radhika comes there crying. Pari asks what happened? Gopi follows Radhika asking her to listen to her. Radhika takes the havan firewood and asks them not to move. Kokila asks her to throw it. Radhika says Jaggi don’t want to marry me, and loves Gopi. Kokila says it is a misunderstanding for sure, and asks her not to take a wrong decision. Radhika threatens to burn herself and says what I will do without him. Gopi promises her that Jaggi will marry her. She keeps his hand on her hand and gives promise asking him to marry Radhika, and keep her happy always. Jaggi promises to marry Radhika. Gopi turns to Radhika and asks did she hear what Jaggi said. Urvashi asks Radhika to agree now. Radhika keeps the firewood back and goes. Kokila asks Urvashi not to get tensed and says she will talk to Jaggi. She asks Pandit ji to wait for sometime.

Vidya asks Meera to relax. Meera says if she is in danger then my baby….Dharam and Shravan comes home. Meera asks him to do something. Dharam asks her to relax and says she might have went to see doctor. Vidya calls Doctor, but her number is unreachable. Meera says we will go to hospital now itself.

Radhika thinks about Jaggi’s love confession to Gopi. Gopi comes and gives her milk, asking her not to believe what she has seen. She says Jaggi is engaged to you and will marry you. Radhika says if I marry him, then also I will not get that place. Gopi tells that she has only Ahem in her life and heart. She asks her not to worry and says Jaggi is misunderstanding his worry as love, and says he will love you soon. Radhika hugs her. Gopi says Jaggi’s heart is tender and loves everyone, and can do anything without caring about himself. Jaggi hears her and thinks gopi is a wonder, made him hero from villain.

Gopi sees someone reflection in night and asks who is there?

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