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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2nd November 2016 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2nd November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Urvashi shows jewelry set to Kokila and says she had bought it long ago, now she will give to Jaggi’s wife. Jaggi comes and Urvashi asks how is this jewelry set, she is giving it to Radhika in shagun. He says it is good. Urmila thinks Jaggi’s promise is stopping her to do her kalakari. Samar agrees to decorate house for Jaggi’s engagement. Gopi comes and in front of whole family asks Kokila why did she hide such a big truth from her. Kokila asks what. Gopi says truth that Jaggi loves her, how can she hide such a big thing from her. Jaggi says Gopika ji.. Gopi says her name is Gopi and nobody can take Ahem’s place in her life and she will not give it either. Urmila asks her to listen to Jaggi once. Gopi says she told what she had to and leaves from there.


Urvashi says Jaggi that she was trying to explain this since so long that Gopi does not have place for him in her heart and so he should forget it, he cannot take Ahem’s place in Gopi’s heart. Jaggi also leaves. Urvashi says whatever happens is for got, now Jaggi must be thinking she ruined his life, but he will realize later that she saved his life and did not ruin it.

Kokila goes to Gopi’s room and knocks door. Gopi from inside asks how can she do this to her. Kokila says she did not want to hurt her feelings, so she did that Jagg loves her. She takes god’s oath and says she does not know when Jaggi developed feeling for her and was trying to stop him in her own way. She says if she had informed her before, she would not have felt bad. Kokila takes god’s oath and says she is telling truth and asks to open door now. Gopi continues that if she had told truth before, she would not have felt bad. Kokila apologizes her and asks again to open door.

Meera brings fruits for Chanda and sees room very cold. She scolds Chanda why has she lowed AC so much. Chanda says she was feeling warm and she opened AC as per her instructions. Meera says if she gets cold, baby will be in trouble. She switches off AC and says today is not that hot, so she can sleep without AC. Chanda apologizes her. Meera asks her to eat fruits and multivitamin tablets before sleep without fail. Once Meera leaves, Chanda switches on AC back and yells rich people are so arrogant, she is giving her baby and will do whatever she likes, let Meera fume.

Jaggi with family members knocks Gopi’s door and asks to open door. Gopi opens door and walks to home temple and prays god that if she has made any mistake, he should punish her and finish it at once, she cannot go through all this. He knows well what is Ahem’s place in her life, she does not want to go on a path on which ther is only pain and sorrows. Kokila comes with family members ands behind her. Gopi sees lamp flickering and covers her hands over it. Jaggi also covers his hands over Gopi’s hand.

Gopi tries to leave. Jaggi stops her and says he thought she is understanding him as a friend, but sadly she is not, else she would not have thought that he is trying to take Ahem’s place. Her and Ahem’s relationship is unbreakable, he would never take Ahem’s place as he is Jaggi and will always be Jaggi. If he has made any mistake, she should forgive him as he loves her, though she does not love him. He will love her and will continue loving, she cannot take or snatch this right from him. He thought heart is big and deep like ocean and can handle many relationships, but he was wrong. She says heart can hold many relationships, but the relationship he is talking cannot happen between them. Kokila thinks whatever she had feared happened. Gopi and whole family leaves. Urvashi tells Jaggi that she explained him many times, but he did not understand, it is better to forget Gopi.

Jaggi stands crying and asks god why did he do this to him, he did not ask all this, why he is examining him. He wants him to do whatever is right, else everynoe will be in pain

Urvashi gives engagement ring to Pari and asks to keep this ring carefully, Radhika’s family must be coming. Pari says don’t worry all arrangements are made. Jaggi comes down wearing sherwani. Sona says groom came. Jaggi stands next to Gopi Gopi goes and stands next to Kokila. Radhika and family comes and wishes jai shri krishna. Urvashis ays Radhika she is looking very beautiful. Kokila asks if they can start engagement. Urvashi says yes. Jaggi and Radhika sit next to each other for engagement ritual. Urvashi dorns chunri on Radhika. Radhika sees Jaggi silent and asks how is he feeling. Radhika’s mother says Radhika is taking care of Jaggi even before marriage. Jaggi dorns ring in Radhika’s finger. Radhika holds Jagggi’s hand to dorn ring and sees a thread on it. Kokila reminisces Jaggi challenging Kokila that only Gopi will remove thread from his finger. Radhika dorns ring over thread itself. Jaggi thinks this diamond ring cannot make him happy.

Precap: Kokila asks Gopi why she is keeping her clothes in bag. Gopi says Jaggi agreed for marriage on her insistence, but he is not happy, so it is better for her to leave this house silently.

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