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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 28th November 2016 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 28th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Urmila gives keys to Urvashi and Parag and ask them to free Jaggi from store room. They both leave. Radha orders Veena/Mangesh to go behind them. He moves, but Vidya and Shravan stop her and say they need to talk. Veena says she drank a lot of water since morning and need to go to washroom and leaves. Urmila and Pari follow her and Veena goes and stands outside store room. Urmila says she knew he would come here itself. Urvashi and Parag open store room, apply tilak on Jaggi’s forehead and take him along. Urmila and Pari ask Veena what is she doing here instead of attending her favorite Radhika’s wedding and takes her along.

Jaggi goes and sits in mantap and asks again where is Gopi. Gopi comes and drops water in havan and says this marriage will not happen. Urvashi shouts what drama is this. Jaggi lifts Radhika reversely and her remote control black thread falls down from neck. Gopi picks it. Radhika signals her goons.

Goons point gun on everyone. Sona says they can try shooting, but bullets are fake and they cannot do anything. Goons run from there. Mangesh tries to escape. Samar and Sahir throw him down and oranges come out of his blouse. Jai and Veeru joke. Urmila says Urvashi this is not Veena but sanskari Radhika’s fiancee Mangesh and removes his wife. Urmila says they are all related and points at Radhika’s fake parents.

Gopi rushes to store room and gets Kokila out. She shows bomb remote and says she will be safe. Kokila says she does not want to risk Gopi’s life. On the other side, Urvashi drags Radhika and throws her on floor and asks why did she do this to her Jaggi, what wrong did she do to her. Gopi brings Kokila out and asks Mangesh who fixed bomb. Mangesh nods him and Radhika. Gopi removes bomb from Kokila’s body and asks Samar and Sahir to throw it out. Gopi asks Samar Sahir to call police. Radhika holds Gopi’s feet and shed tears not to call police as Mangesh brainwashed her to do all this.

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