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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 27th November 2016 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 27th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Jaggi insists that he will not continue remaining wedding rituals without Gopi and asks Urvashhi to bring her back. Pari goes and informs Sona and Urmila that Jaggi is insisting for Gopi. Urmila says Gopi is locked in cupboard with Kokila.


Dharam goes to Meera and asks what is all this, why she is getting irritated for silly reasons and talking about separation. Meera says she does not want to talk to him and leaves room. Dharam follows her and asks what she needs. Meera says divorce. Dharam is shocked. Chanda hears their conversation and smirks.

Jaggi continues insisting to call Gopi. Radhika thinks where did Gopi go instead of stealing idol. Urmila says Gopi is packing Radhikas bags. She asks Jaggi which sweets he would like to have, sandesh. Urvashi

sandesh, farsan and everything is ready. Urvashi insists Jaggi if he wants to have sandesh or not. Jaggi reminisces them disussing whenever anyone of them are trouble, they will talk about sandesh.

Dharam asks Meera if she has gone mad, when they got so many troubles, they did not think of separating, how can she think of it. He says whatever problems come, he will never leave her. He says they can fight, but separating is impossible, even divorce’s D should not come between them, their relationship is of soul’s and not body’s, if she really has to divorce him, she has to kill him. She keeps her hand on his mouth and hugs him emotionally. Chanda fumes that her plan is failing.

Jaggi asks Urmila if sandesh…Gopika. Urmila nods yes. Jaggi asks if sandesh is in room or out. Urmila says it is packed in box. Jaggi asks her to tell about ritual. Urmila asks what ritual. He says ritual in which groom walks out of mantap without informing. Urmila says groom is locked in a room and parents will open room and brings him back. Urvashi asks what kind of ritual is this. Modi family says they had this ritual during their marriage and they enjoyed a lot. Pandit says even he heard about this ritual. Radhika asks Veena to go and see how they perform this ritual. Urmila says Jaggi let us go and asks Samar and Sahir to burn crackers outside as per ritual. She takes him to store room and says he has to be in this room. Veena says there are so many rooms in this house, why store room. Pari says it is their house ad their ritual, why she is interfering. Veena smiles nervously. Urmila locks Jaggi in store room. Sahir and sona go out and asks goons to move their goods aside, they need to burn crackers. Jaggi searches store room andd calls Gopika.. Gopi replies from cupboard. He asks if she is in cupboard Gopi says she and maaji are inside. He tries to open door and says he will break it.

Urmila goes to Urvashi and Parag and says they have to open store room and get Jaggi out. Radhika hears that and gets tensed. Urmila asks Parag if he knows what he should do. Urvashi ask key. Urmila asks to be patient. Sahir and Sona burn crackers. Jaggi hears sound and tries to break cupboard lock with iron rod. Pari asks Vidya to keep an eye on Veena and not let him go from here. Veena corrects Radhika’s maang tika, Radhika yells what is he doing here instead of checking store room. Urvashi asks Urmila to give key. Urmila asks to be patient andd asks Vidya to give satin cloth and tilak.

Jaggi gets Gopi and Kokila out of cupboard and asks what is this bomb, who did this. Gopi says Radhika did this and tells him whole story. Jaggi asks not to worry and asks to remove bomb. Gopi says no, Radhika has kept remote in her neck thread and goons are all around place, if they do anything, Radhika will press bomb.

Precap: Gopi throws water in havan and says this marriage will not happen. Urvashi and Radhika look in a shock.

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