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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 24th November 2016 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 24th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Radhika tells Gopi let us plan how to steal Radha Krishna idol. She says they will create a lakshya graha around mantap and once panditji sets fire in havan, whole mantap will burn, then she can go and steal idol. Gopi is shocked to hear that. Radhika says she is not an adarsh bahu now and is thief like her. Gopi stands dumbstuck. Radhika orders to get back to work now.


Urvashi tells Jaggi that he is becoming groom tomorrow and she excited to see him as bride. Gopi enters. Jaggi asks if she needs anything. She says no. Channa mere ya mere ya…song..plays in the background. Gopi leaves.

During breakfast, Dharam shows his love for Meera and goes for work. Chanda pulls Meera’s hair and yells she told to misbehave with Dharam, but she is doing opposite,

orders to call Dharam back and fight with him. Meeera crires.

Moi family while having breakfast discuss how to tackle Radhika and Mangesh and save Kokila. Sona explains each member what they should. Urmila asks to act as chatting to misguide Radhika and Mangesh. Mona taunts Sona. Urmila asks her to be real. Urvashi and Jaggi come and they all change topic.

Gopi confronts Radhika’s fake parents that Radhika and Mangesh will not help them and will escape after getting idol and will leave them in trouble. They both get afraid. Gopi asks them to tell where Radhika has kept Kokila. They say somewhere around this house, on’t know where though. Gopi promises to help them.

Radhika tells Urvashi that they have to be careful regarding Gopi. Urvashi asks what did she do now. Radhika says she did not do anything, but may create problem during marriage, so they have to be careful. Urvashi says yes. Radhika praises herself that she is so innocent and such a good actor.

Dharam does his business work sitting living room. Chanda signals Meera to fight with Dharam. Meera starts tantrums and yells at Dharam. Dharam angrily breaks things. Chana smirks.

Gopi walks hurriedly. Jaggi wearing sherwani stops her and asks her to help fix his bracelet. She says she is busy, Sona will help him. He says he is marrying someone else on her insistence, she cannot fix bracelet for him. She fixes bracelet. He looks at her face. Channa mere ya mere ya…song..plays in the background again.

Precap: Urmila, Parag, Vidya, Shravan enter a store room and search Kokila. They hear someone coming and hide in cartoon boxes. Veena comes witth food. Vidya gets very tensed seeing Veena.

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