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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 23rd November 2016 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 23rd November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Radhika tells Jaggi that she is very happy that they are marrying tomorrow. Jaggi says even he is very excited, he will lose his bachelor’s tag from tomorrow, pointing at Gopi. He clicks selfie with Gopi and says sheep will be sacrificed tomorrow. Urvashi asks him to let Gopi go as she has a lot of work. Cooks come and Urvashi asks them to go to backyard and start preparations.

Meera panics that if she goes to attend Jaggi and Radhika’s marriage, Chanda may harm her children, so she will not go. Vidya consoles her that she has hired a nurse to take care of Chanda and even gave clothes and jewelry to Chanda and she is veryhappy, so she should relax and get ready for marriage. Meera thanks her and leaves.

Gopi looks after sweets in kitchen. Sona

sees her tensed and asks what happened. Gopi says nothing. Sona asks if Radhika did something again, she will not spare Radhika. Gopi says she did not do anything.

Dharam asks Shravan and Vidya if Meera did not get ready for marriage. Meera comes down getting ready and gets a message from Chanda that she is so shameless to leave her and children alone. She tells Vidya that Chanda may need her any time, so she will stay back here. Vidya says nurse is there to take care of Chanda. Meera says even then she will stay here. Dharam says without Meera what will he do in party, he will also stay with her. Vidya and Shravan leave with Priiyal.

Mangesh discusses with this goons that he got all the items to destroy Modi bhavan, half his goons are in Modi bhavan and half will be with him, they will make Modi bhavan as fire pit.

Vidya with Shravan and Priyal reaches Modi bhavan and greets Urmila. Urmila asks where are Meera and Dharam. Vidya says Chanda is unwell, so they stayed back. She and Shravan then greet Jaggi and congratulate him for his marriage. He also asks if Meera and Dharam did not come. Vidya says no. She asks where are daadi and maa. Gopi comes. Jaggi imagines her as bride holding garland and walking towards him. He then realizes it is just his dream. Gopi asks what happened. He says his shoes. She says he has worn mojri.

Urmila informs Gopi that Shravan and Vidya have come and she should cheer up instead of looking so tensed. Vidya meets Gopi. Gopi looks at everyone eat ladoos and hopes they read her message hidden in laddoos. Jaggi gives his laddoo to Urvashi and asks to have it heself. Gopi sees that and seeing Radhika standing nearby hopes Radhika and Veena/Mangesh don’t read her messages in ladoo. Mangesh is about to pick ladoo when Jagi and Veeru pick it and walk. Whole Modi family read their messages. Vidya says everyone that she will show them her new farm house pics. They all gather aside and read messages that Radhika’s armed goons are all around the house and she has kidnapped Maaji/Kokila. Radhika and Mangesh see them and walk towards them. Urmila says good she came, she has kept necklace in her room, she should go and wear it. Radhika happily leaves. Pari collectswrappers and throws them in room kitchen.

Radhika gets ready as bride and happily wears necklace and thinks her life is set now. Gopi comes and Radhika reminds her that she has to steal idol.

Precap: Radhika tells Gopi that once pandit ji sets fire in havan, whole mantap will burn, then she has to go and steal Radha/Krishna idol.

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