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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 22nd November 2016 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 22nd November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Gopi returns home with Radhika. Urmila asks where is Kokila. Gopi says she is in chawl. Radhika says Jaggi that she fulfilled her promise and brought Gopi back home, now Gopi will perform all the rituals. She asks Gopi to get her ready as bride, asks if she will. Jaggi praises Radhika that she fulfilled her promise. Acha chalta hoon duawon me yaad rakhna….song…plays in the background. Gopi silently watches helpless.


Meera does mujra on Dharam’s birthday on Dil mera mufta ka….song..Chanda badmouths in front of guests that this house’s bahurani is doing mujra in front of everyone. Dharam’s friends discuss if they knew Dharam’s wife would do mujra, he would have brought some more friends, he will not miss Dharam’s parties

from hereon. Dharam angrily claps and shouts at Meera that she gave a good surprise, now party is finished and everyone can finish their dinner and go.

Urmila asks Gopi why did Kokila go to stay in chawl without informing even her. Radhika says we all know how stubborn Kokila is. Gopi prays god. Radhika and Veena/Mangesh bring Rajasthani groom attire for Jaggi and asks him not to forget wearing this jacket. They both walk out and discuss in few hours, khel khatam aur paisa hazam, they will steal idol and escape from here.

Chanda speaks to someone over phone and describes how she forced Meera to do mujra and says just 4 months have passed, wait and watch what she will do in rest 5 months. She asks to give missed call hereo and not call her directly.

Meera reminisces Chanda order to either do mujra or lose her children and then Dharam getting angry and cries vigorously. Dharam comes and consoles her and says if she thought she will make him happy doing mujra, he is more angry on the people who were badmouthing about her, so he shouting. He will never stop loving her. She apologizes for insulting him. He says what insult and dorns dupatta on her and says she is his dignity and pride, he cannot see her crying. Shravan and Vidya also come and console Meera. Priyal comes running and asks to cut cake, she is hungry. Dharam cuts cake and feeds family. Family enjoys quality time.

Mona sees Gopi tensed and suggests her to use aloe vera gel to get glow on her face. Pari says yes, she should try. Gopi moves from there. They both say let us have some green tea and walk towards kitchen. Radhika calls Gopi and shows her goon all around house with guns and warns Gopi that until she does her work, her family will be alive and if she tries to be oversmart, she knows consequence. Gopi pleads not to harm her maaji and family. Radhika says it needs guts to be daring and warns her to move her extremities and shut her mouth, else she will make a record of getting dead bodies of whole family at once. She again warns if she wants to see her maaji’s dead body. Gopi tries to hold her neck. Radhika warns if she tries to do this mistake again, she will press remote button and her maaji will burst into pieces.

Precap: Jaggi imagines Gopi as bride holding garland walking towards him.

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