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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 21st November 2016 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 21st November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Chanda orders Meera to divorce Dharam if she needs her children. Meera cries not to say that. Chanda warns to choose between Dhaam and children soon and leaves. Meera cries why Chanda is doing this to her.


Mona returns home from vacation. Pari gets happy seeing her and says she was misssing gopssip and only they both can do best gossip. Samar sees lots of gifts and asks why did she bring so many gifts. Mona says she had gone abroad, so gifts are obvious for everyone. She and Pari start their gossip.

Gopi informs Urmila and Urvashi that Kokila is not at home, she must have gone to chawl. Urmila asks why. Gopi says yesterday night she and Kokila had a fight, so Kokila must have gone to stay in chawl. Urmila says Kokila is not that weak emotionally and will


Meera decorates house for Dharam’s birthday. Dharam is surprised and praises Meera. Chanda wishes Dharam. He says ok and continues praising Meera. Vidya says Di has thrown a party and there are big surprises awaiting. She takes Shravan from there to speak. Chanda reminds Meera what to do and leaves. Meera looks at Dharam playing with Priyal and reminisces quality time spent with Dharam.

Parag plan further marriage arrangements with Urvashi. Jaggi comes and says without Gopi he will not marry, that is is his main condition. Radhika says Gopi will surely attend marriage. Urmila thinks

Gopi checks Kokila in chawal and walks back on street thinking where maaji must have gone. Radhika comes and says she has kidnapped her maaji and reminds that she heard Gopi and Kokila’s fight and planned to kidnap Kokila. Gopi says she willl not believe. Radhika shows CCTV footage of Kokila being tied to a chair with bomb and shows bomb remote, warns if she tries to trick, her maaji will burst ito pieces. She orders to steal idol for her now and if she tries to inform anyone, she will lose her maaji. Gopi shouts not to do anything to her maaji.

Dharam’s guests start coming in. Dharam greets them. His friend says bhabiji insisted to attend party and asks where is she, Dharam is very lucky to have such an intelligent and beautiful wife. Vidya says di is special. Dharam says he is really lucky. Meera comes down wearing anarkali dress. Chanda warns her to keep smiling.

Urmil and other family members get worried for Kokila and think why Gopi also did not yet return. Gopi returns with Radha with a sad face.

Precap: Radhika spreads her goons all around Modi bhavan and warns Gopi if she tries to be oversmart, she will lose all her family members.

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