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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 19th November 2016 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 19th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Veena convinces Urvashi for some ritual. She agrees. Vidya thinks about Chanda blackmailing Meera and threatening to take one baby with her and giving other to her. Meera begging infront of her to give her babies. Vidya cries badly. Shravan comes there and asks why she is crying and gives his promise. Vidya tells everything to Shravan that Chanda is threatening to kill babies if they don’t agree to her demands. Shravan says he will file complaint with police. Vidya asks her not to do that, as if anything happens to babies then Meera will die, and cries.


Pari misses Jigar. Kokila says he will come soon. Urvashi says she always wanted to have a joint family, and today her dream is fulfilled because of Kokila. Urmila asks her to get mehendi on her hands first. Kokila says you said

right. Jaggi comes and asks where to sit? Urvashi says you have to apply a bit of mehendi too. Jaggi asks her to apply fully. He asks where is Gopika. Urmila says she went to get your sherwani. Jaggi says she is very excited, and says he will dance today. Kokila asks them to call Radhika. Radhika comes there with veil on her face. Sona asks why she is keeping veil today and insists to see her face.

Radhika’s mum tells that they keep bride in veil. Urmila talks about the new generation who don’t keep veil in marriage. Kokila says it is okay, everyone has their own customs. Sona comes and sits beside Radhika asking her to show her hand so that she can apply mehendi on it. The person in veil turns out to be Mangesh. Sona is shocked to see manly hands. Mehendi falls on his clothes. Urvashi takes him to room. Kokila comes there and says Radhika’s mum is calling you. Radhika’s mum comes and says I will get her clothes cleaned. Urvashi says okay and goes. Chanda gets a call and says Meera was shocked when I told that I will give only 1 baby, and she fell on my feet. She laughs.

Sona sees Mangesh in room and thinks where did she go? She goes to the temple and sees Gopi standing as a mud idol. She signs her and goes. She lifts the veil exposing Veena/Mangesh. Everyone is shocked. Kokila asks what is this joke? Radhika comes near the temple area while covering her body with mud, and crawling like a snake. She reaches near the temple. Radhika’s fake father catches Gopi. Gopi cries.

Just then tap water is leaked and falls on Radhika. Everyone hear the tap water noise and go near the temple. Everyone is shocked. Kokila asks Radhika what is this joke. Gopi says I will tell and tells that Radhika came to steal our 100 years old idol, and says she is not interested to marry Jaggi. She says she is a thief, and tells that Radhika’s parents are fake and her partners in crime, and the woman Veena is actually Mangesh. Radhika cries and tells that she came to pray in the temple and Gopi is trapping him. Urmila asks who colors their body during mehendi. Radhika says it is our village custom and tells that it is a secret puja for a mannat. Kokila asks why did you make Veena sit instead of you. Radhika says my mannat is ruined because of Gopi and instigates Urvashi against her. Urvashi trusts Radhika blindly and slaps Gopi. Kokila shouts Urvashi.

Kokila asks Gopi to promise that she will have nothing to do with Jaggi, Urvashi and Radhika. Gopi looks on as Kokila keeps her hand on her head. Radhika smiles.

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