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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 18th November 2016 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 18th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Gopi gets tensed when Kokila asks Urvashi to perform Radha Krishna idol’s abhishek/bath at home itself. She thinks where is Urmila, at least she can do something. Kokila and Urvashi sit near idol. Veena/manghes comes and tells Radhika that she came back. Radhika hugs her and asks why did she come back. Veena says she was stuck in Rajkot traffic. Kokila says good she came back for maha abhishek. Urvashi asks Jaggi and Radhika to do abhishek. Radhika worriedly does idol’s abhishek/milk bath and is shocked that idol’s color did not fade. Gopi is also shocked. Urmila comes and Gopi asks why did not color fade. Urmila asks her to wait and watch.


Gopi takes Urmila to a room and asks what is the secret. Urmila says she exchanged idol on time and

replaced it with real one. She reminisces how she did it. Sona praises her intelligence. Urmila says let us concentrate on our next plan.

Meera and Vidya with Chanda return home after Chanda’s prenatal checkup. Dharam asks how is his unborn guest. Meera says it is twins and they are becoming parents of twin children. Dharam gets very happy. Meera insists Dharam to give their Jamnagar plot to Chanda. Dharam says if she insists, then he will.

Radhika scolds Mangesh/Veena that because of his carlessness, they could not steal Radha Krishna idol and she has to stay here for some more time. Veena searches her mobile. Gopi enters and throws mobile in front of Veena and says she will fail their plans. She walks back. Radhika throws knife on door and says she would have easily killed her and warns not to mess with her.

Modi family then enjoy breakfast. Veena brings painters and says she wants house painted before marriage. Sona says already house is painted. Jaggi says why not, it is his marriage, asks painter to mix all colors and shine the walls. He asks Gopi if he is right. Gopi sits silently. Urmila thinks what this Veena must be planning now. Radhika holds paint bucket and smirks at Gopi.

Chanda wanders in room nervously. Meera enters with Vidya. Chanda says she has decided that she will not kill children, but will take one, so Meera will have one child with her. Meera holds her legs and pleads not to take her child away from her. Chanda yells okay okay and asks Vidya to get breakfast.

Jaggi asks painters to paint walls colorfully and even he needs a colorful dress for his marriage, looking at Gopi.

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