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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 16th November 2016 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 16th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Dharam fumes seeing Meera on floor bilnd folded and Vidya fanning Chanda and asks what is happening in this house. Chanda says Meera is practicing to play with her soon to be born child. Dharam gets angry on Meera that she is too careless, he will apply medicine to her wound. Chanda holds knife on her stomach and signals Meera. Meera says Dharam that it is her mistake. Dharam takes her to apply ointment.


Urvashi dorns electric wire fixed dupatta on Jaggi. Gopi brings water for Jaggi and drops it on his kurta by mistake. She apologizes him and says she did not notice. Urvashi yells now a days, her attention is somewhere else. Jaggi asks her to iron it then and gives his kurta.

Radhika gets ready for sangeet. Mangesh comes and asks why is she getting so much

ready. She yells it is her wish and not using cosmetics from his father’s money.

Gopi irons Jaggi’s kurta. Urvashi brings dupatta and asks Gop to iron even this and leaves. Gopi irons dupatta and gets electric shock. She sees wires embossed in dupatta and realizes that Radhika has fixed these wires to kill Jaggi. She thinks if she should inform family or not and removes wires from dupatta. On the other side, Radhika’s dad asks Urvashi when will Jaggi get ready. Urvashi comes to Gopi and yells she told 2 min, but is taking too long. Gopi gives dupatta and kurta and Urvashi leaves. Urmila enters. Gopi asks if work is done. Urmila says until she is there, everything will be as planned. Gopi shows electric wires and tells that Radhika had hidden these wires in dupatta to kill Jaggi. Urmila says she will slap Radhika once. Gopi asks her to wait till their plan finishes.

Radhika and Jaggi are brought for a haldi ritual. They sit next to each other. Mangesh presses remote repeatedly, but nothing happens to Jaggi. Radhika sees that and acts as flling unconscious to divert everyone’s attention. Mangesh silently slips from there, steals Radhika/Krishna Idol, and his aides pull him up via ropes. He exchanges idol with fake one, comes down again and keeps it back in home temple. Radhika then acts as getting back to normal. Her mother comments she is overexerted. Radhika yells at her to don’t do overacting, else she will cut her pay. Haldi rituals start next and everyone apply haldi to Radhika and Jaggi.

Chanda happily thinks she just has to eat and sleep in this house, her life is settled. She gets someone’s call and says she will do whatever he/she says and asks whom to trouble now.

Mangesh shows idol to Radhika and says he easily stole it. Jaggi comes there and they both get tensed seeing him.

Precap: Gopi takes milk from milkman and while walking back finds a mobile, checks it and is looks shocked.

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