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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 15th November 2016 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 15th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Gopi warns Radhika and Magesh to tell truth to everyone, else she will send them to jail. Mangesh says she cannot do anything, she can even call women organizations and disrobe him. Radhika sees Urvashi coming and says if she what she can do and pulls her pallu aside. Before that, Kokila comes with Radhika’s parents and says Urvashi that this place is sunny and not suitable for haldi ritual. Urvashia sks Radhika why her pallu is aside. Radhika says Gopi did not like this sari, is it right Gopi. Gopi thinks she cannot tell Radhika’s truth now. Urvashi corrects Radhika’s pallu and says Kokila that she is right, else Radhika’s color will darken under sun.


Chanda asks Vidya to serve food and feed her with her hands and feed onion after eat bite. Vidya

serves food on plate. Chanda yells to add more. Meera tries to leave. Chanda yells she told her to rest her eyes and not body. She blinfolds Meera and orders her to go and finish remaining work. Mera walks hitting her head on pillars. Chanda laughs.

Gopi goes to Jaggi’s room. Jaggi asks what moral gyaan she wants to give now. She says Radhika and her parents. He says he does not want to listen anything. Urmila comes and asks him to listen what Gopi wants to say at least. He says today is his haldi and he does not want to listen anything, so she can leave. Gopi walks out. Urmila tries to walk behind Gopi, but Jaggi stops her and says this is the start of his destroyal, she can wait and wait, real drama is on marriage day.

Mangesh shows Jaggi’s veil in which he has fixed electric wires and says once he presses remote button, Jaggi will be eletrocuted and die in seconds. He asks her to wear veil and she does. He presses remote button and Radhika feels electric shock. He says this was just sample and Jaggi will get more severe electric shock and will die in seconds. She angrily pushes him on bed and sits on him. He says he was just showing her sample, once everyone is busy looking at Jaggi, they will escape with Radha Krishna idol, then they will enjoy their lives lavishly.

Gopi informs Sahir and Sona about Radhika’s plans. Sona says she did not know Radhika would stoop so now. Sahir asssures her not to worry, they will not let Radhika and Mangesh steal idol. Sona says wait and wait, what she will do with Radhika. Urmila comes and says she heard everything let them steal idol. Sahir asks how can they let them steal idol. Urmila says once they are caught red handed, their true identity will be out. She will use her kalakari and show them how it is to mess with her. Sona says she will show her dadagiri, she did not use her power since long. Gopi asks how will they catch them red handed. Urmila says she has a plan and not to worry, they will save Jaggi’s live and also idol.

Meera walks blindfolded. Chanda tells jamdi baaju, means move right side. Meera hits vase and falls on on it. Vidya shouts diii careful. Chanda warns her to continue fanning her. Meera stops. Chanda says if she stops, she will stop her child’s breaths. Meera walks and falls again.

Jaggi sees Kokila and Urvashi busy with decorations and says nobody is bothered about him. Urvashi says she will give him clothes and come back.

Dharam and Shravan come back home and are shocked to see Meera on floor and Vidya fanning Chanda and Chanda smirking. Dharam asks what is happening, why Meera is blindfolded and what Vidya is doing. They both sit silently. Dharam shouts if they will speak or not.

Gopi calls Urmia and asks when she will come. Urmila says she needs 1 hour at least, till then, she should do manage. Gopi flushes haldi in sink. Pari comes and asks if haldi paste is ready. Gopi says yes and acting as give haldi bowl drops it. She then asks Pari to make another paste. Pari picks bottle and says it is empty. She calls servant and sends him to bring haldi from market. Gopi thinks haldi is postponed for sometime until Urmila returns.

Precap: Jaggi sits for haldi ritual. Radhika is brought down and she sits next to him and thinks once Mangesh presses remote button, Jaggi will get electric shock and die. Mangesh presses button, but nothing happens to Jaggi.

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