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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 14th November 2016 Written Episode Update


Saath Nibhana Saathiya 14th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in


Radhika wakes up at midnight, keeps pillows in her place and walks out wearing shawl. Gopi follows her. At Dharam’s house, Meera fans Chanda and falls alseep. Chanda yells at her when she eats, her hands move fast, why not now. Vidya comes and gets angry and asks when there is AC and fan in room, why she is not using it. Chanda says she like desi fan and tells her unborn child that his mother Meera is lazy kaam chor and if anything happens to him, he should not blame her. Meera asks Vidya to go, she will manage. Chanda yells at Vidya to go and sleep, she has a lot of work to go and shouts to get out.

Radhika reaches an old ransacked house. Magesh comes and hugs her. She asks who is it. He says her mangya. She says she will slap him. He shows her Modi

bhavan’s Radha Krishna idol replica. She says it is solid replica. He says poor Modi family don’t know what will happen in their house. Gopi enters and they both hide. Gopi sees idol and thinks what Radhika will do with this idol. She sees Radhika’s flowers on floor and thinks her doubt is true, Radhika had come here. Radhika and Mangesh hide behind wall.

In the morning, Urashi performs aarti while family stands behind her. She asks where is Radhika. Radhika comes holding small Krishna idol and gives it to her mother and says she did what she asked for. Urvashi asks what are they talking about. Radhika’s mom says they have ritual that girl will go at midnight to potter’s house, steal mud and make small bal Gopal from it. Mangesh disguised as woman Veena says girl will get a baby soon. Urvashi smile. Radhika’s mother says Radhika will pray for junior Jaggi. She asks Magesh to go and get Radhika ready. Urvashi saays there are many people here. Mother says this lady gets bride ready always. Mangesh blushes not to praise her much. Radhika’s father asks Urvashi to continue her other work.

Vidya prepares lots of dishes. Shravan asks if today something special. Vidya says she wants to speak. He asks what. Meera says Vidya prepared all these for him and Dharam. Shravan says Priyal will be very happy seeing desserts and goes to call her. Meera asks Vidya not to tell about this to Dharam and Shravan and gives her promise. She says after 5 days, she will get her child and everything wil befine then.

Radhika and Mangesh sit in corridor on bench. Radhika asks him to decorate house with yellow flowers and get her yellow dress. He gets romantic with her. She asks him to move aside. Gopi hears their conversation and hides thinking why Veena is getting intimate with Radhika. Radhika calls him Mangesh and asks to stay away. Gopi realizes it is Mangesh. Radhika asks how will they execute their plan. Mangesh shows her Modi bhavan’s plan and says while everone are busy celerbating haldi ritual, they will steal Radha Krishna idol. On the other side, Kokila and Urvashi look at idol and discuss it is 6-7 generations old. Gopi walks and shouts after she slip. Radhika and Mangesh get alert. Gopi says she did not know they will stoop so low, she will expose Mangesh’s identity in front of everyone. Radhika says if she will disrobe old woman, she will be cursed and nobody wil bellieve her, especially Urvashi. Even if she tries, she will harm her dignity.

Precp: Radhika praises Mangesh’s brain and looking at Jaggi’s veil asks if this will work. Mangesh says once Jaggi wears it, he will press remote button. Jaggi will die wth electric shock. Urvashi is seen dorning veil on Jaggi.

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