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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 12th November 2016 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 12th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Gopi brings the wanted posted of Radhika and shows to everyone. Urvashi is shocked. Chanda gets a message. She gets excited and pulls the money loaded suitcase from the window. She thinks her hard earned money came to her. Meera tells Vidya that she will give special care to Chanda. Meera and Vidya come to room and see Chanda holding money bundles in her hand. Meera tells Vidya that this is the same bag which she gave to kidnappers and asks Vidya to call Police. Chanda gets tensed. Urvashi asks if this is truth. Gopi says she came to loot us. Radhika says Gopi is right, this is me.


Chanda apologizes to Meera. Meera pics a phone and says they have to first tell this thing to Dharam. Chanda laughs and claps. She asks her to call police, but then her baby will die. She shows her pills

and says if you do anything then your baby will be killed before he is born. Vidya asks are you blackmailing us. Chanda asks them to keep their mouth shut.

Radhika says time has come to tell you truth. She shows her pics and tells Urvashi that she has acted in many plays, and this is the promotion poster of her play. She asks if Vidya Balan is also a thief after her pic is posted in the poster. She says if I was a thief, then why would I show pics to everyone. She asks Gopi to call her parents and enquire. Gopi says this girl is lying and asks Urvashi not to believe her. Urvashi raises her hand on Gopi, but Kokila stops her. She asks her how dare you to raise hand on Gopi and asks her to end this drama. Urvashi says your Gopi is slapping my bahu and accusing her. Kokila says nobody can raise hand on Gopi until I am alive. She tells Gopi that it is their family’s matter and asks her not to get involved.

Urvashi talks to guest and introduces Radhika to her. She praises Radhika’s qualities and calls herself fortunate to get her. Radhika asks DJ to play rocking garba music and asks him not to stop till she stops dancing. She starts dancing. Jaggi asks why did you call my friends? Urvashi says they would have felt bad if not called. Jaggi says you cares for them very much.

Chanda tells Meera that she want to become queen of the house, and asks her to beg infront of her keeping her head on her leg. Meera agrees to keep her mouth shut. Vidya says you can’t blackmail us. Chanda threatens to kill her baby. Vidya shouts…Meera cries and asks Vidya not to interfere between them. She touches Chanda’s feet and says I am begging infront of you, don’t harm my baby. Chanda says she is enjoying and asks her to rub her nose on her feet. Vidya shouts Chanda. Meera looks on.

Urvashi thinks what happened to Radhika. Radhika dances like a dancer. Jaggi jokes. Radhika’s parents get tensed. Urmila tells that Radhika has done kamaal. Jaggi says see how everyone is looking as if they have seen a ghost. Her parents tell that Radhika is very fond of garba sangeet, and that’s why enjoying her own sangeet.

Radhika gets a message that parcel will reach soon. She keeps the phone on table and goes. Gopi reads the message on her phone and checks the parcel shockingly.

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