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Saath Nibhana Saathiya 10th November 2016 Written Episode Update

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 10th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdate.co.in

Kokila tells Gopi that she cannot allege Radhika without a proof. When Panditji is telling Radhika was in temple, then Radhika cannot be wrong. Jaggi says Gopi cannot lie, Pandit must be lying and he needs to find out truth.


Radhika cries in front of Urvashi that she does not know any boy and Gopi wrongly alleged her, she loves only Jaggi. Urvashi says she knows and asks her to relax and leaves. Radhika reminisces seeing Gopi in bike mirror and sending Mangesh to tackle panditji while she informs her father to lie. She smirks and says Gopi will never identify her true colors.

Gopi tells Kokila that she is not lying and had seen Radhika in temple with her boyfriend. Urvashi comes and shouts she is doing this as she loves Jaggi now and wants to marry him. Gopi says

kaaki ji your thinking wrong. Urvashi says she cannot find a bitter guy than Jaggi at this age. Kokila shouts bassss, if she forgot that Jaggi did not want to marry and Gopi convinced him to marry Radhika. Urvashi shouts again that Gopi loves Jaggi now and is trying to get Radhika out to marry Jaggi. Kokila shouts baassssss, she will not listen anything against her daughter. Gopi pleads if she really cares for Jaggi, she should stop this marriage. Urvashi shouts to stop her drama, Jaggi will marry Radhika and they can do whatever they can.

Meera carries 2 crores in bag and tries to leave house. Dharam asks where she is going. Meera says kidnapper called her with money, so she is going. Vidya says how can she go alone. Shravan says what nonsense, they should inform police. Meera shouts in her usual style, dont you dare, if anyone informs police, she will not spare them. She locks door from outside and leaves. Dharam asks Shravan to inform inspector.

Gopi tells again Kokila that she saw Radhika with her boyfriend. Kokila say whatever it is, she cannot hear anyone alleging her daughter, she will not discuss about this issue again. Gopi prays god to help her save Jaggi’s life.

Meera rides her car. Kidnapper calls her and she says she is on the way. She sees someone following her and thinks she knew they would, but she purposefully gave wrong address to them to fool them. She will go via different rule.

Gopi goes to Radhika’s room and sees her singing song happily. She thinks why she is looking so happily. Radhika holds her legs and pleads that she has mistaken her and should not ruin her life. Gopi asks to stop her drama and walks out. Radhika smirks. She checks her mobile and goes to washroom keeping it for charging.

Meera reaches kidnapper’s said spot and calls kidnapper that she came with money. Kidnapper says she tried to be oversmart and her sister is following her, so she should forget both Chanda now. Vidya comes. Meera yells why did she come. Vidya says she could not leave alone. Meera yells because of her stupidity, she lost Chanda and child. Dharam and Shravan reaches with police. Meera yells at Dharam that because of him and police, she lost Radhika and baby. Shravan asks where is money bag. She says she kept just here. Dharam scolds Meera that because of her foolishness and arrogance, they lost even money. Vidya consoles Meera.

Gopi comes back and searches Mangesh’s number in Radhika’s mobile. She finds romantic SMSes. Just then Radhika comes and Urashi is heard calling her.

Precap: Mangesh goes to Modi bhavan to meet Radhika at midnight. Radhika scolds him if he has gone mad to come here. He says he tought she would praise him for his daring act. Kokila switches on light and asks what is all this. Urvashi also comes out and is shocked to see Radhika with a man. Gopi smirks.

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