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Ruhaniyaat (Segment 98)

Few months later-
Her point of view-
Our marriage is happening in a week’s time and there is so much work to do..
Most of all my dress hasn’t been finalized yet..
What am i going to wear..?
The caterer hasn’t been finalised
I am so worried..how is everything going to finish on time..?
“Dex can you hurry up..?” I called for the third time..
What is wrong with him..?

Why can’t he hurry when he knows time is limited for us..
When a few minutes had passed and Dex wasn’t down i went up to look for him..
“Baby..” i said and peeked inside our bedroom..
Dex was sprawled on the bed asleep..


His blazer..tie and shoes still on..
Papa had made him The Ceo of the company after the proposalwhile he had finally taken a back seat.
He had said that he wanted to enjoy his life with mom now..
Dex had been working hard on a project he wanted to finish soon before marriage so that we could take a holiday together..
He had been helping me with wedding preprations too…
Aww my poor baby worked sho much..
I gently removed his shoes, carefull to not wake him up..

I loosened his tie and he relaxed.
My cute kid..
I opened a few buttons of his shirt so that he could sleep properly..
“Hayye meri izzat par hath maar dia” he whined clutching the both ends of his shirt together..
“Shut up” i said and hit him playfully.
“I am sorry baby can we go tomorrow instead..pakka full day i will be with you.” He said with a sad look on his face.
“Of course love..u get changed ..i will serve you dinner..”
“Thank you babu but i just want to sleep.”he said yawning..

“But please change your clothes..” i am a little particular about some things ..
“Alright..” he said dragging himself out of bed and walking to the closet..
I cleant the bed removing the bed cover and our blanket from under the bed.
“Can i sleep now..?” He asked rubbing his eyes..
“Come here ” i said opening my arms to him to which he gladly obliged.
He lied down on the bed his face burried in my lap.
“Want to talk about your day love..?” I questioned and he gladly obliged..
He loved sharing things about his day with me..
“Yow know aaaaj.
Aaj ” He mumbled before drifting off to sleep.
I kept ruffling his hair for some time more till i slept as well..

His point of view –
I can’t believe the wedding is in a week’s time..
Finally Pie will be mine forever and i can curb my insecurity of her being taken away by someone else..
But i feel guilty too…i am not able to help her with the preparation of our marriage functions..
I have just been so busy throughout….
But thank god for Pie she has been patient with me…never losing her temper..
Today we are going venue hunting and to decide upon the caterers..

“Perfect” she said as we entered the first hall..
It was a big enough hall with a lake nearby..
It would look lovely in the night with gentle cool breeze and shimmering yellow lights..
“Yes babe its perfect..” i said wrapping my arms around her.
“You will be seated there..” she said pointing to a corner..
“You will walk in from there to come here and become mine.” I said and pointed to the entrance..
“I thought i was already yours ” she said and pouted.

“Yes but i want the whole world to know that you are mine .”
“Possesive much”
“Yes very..”

We were in the car and heading to the caterers when my phone rang..
Oh no..
It was call from work..
We still had to finalise about food and still pick out her dress..
Yea i know there are myths about the groom not seeing the bride’s dress but i don’t give a damn..

Pie is mine and will stay mine forever..
“Hello” i answered
“Sir wo client ne meeting prepone ki hain..aaj karni hogi..” said my secreatry..
“Talk to them..i am not coming today ..i already informed you”
“But sir they are flying out tomorrow…their visa is expiring today”
“Ohh okay i will try ” i said and hung up.
Her point of view-
“Jana hai..?” I questioned.

He nodded
“Zaruri hai..?”
He nodded.
“Koi bath nai…i will do it with Bhabhi and Angel..”
“But .”
“Baby kaam bhi zaruri hai na ..”
He sighed before turning the car towards office.
“But i wanted to go with you” he whined ..
“We will go to the caterers tomorrow..don’t worry ” i said and ruffled his hair.
After a lot of convincing he finally agreed to go to work while me and Angel were going to go clothes shopping..

His point of view –
“Yes baby i will call you once i reach home..” she said for the nth time but i just won’t leave her hand..
I don’t know why but i just don’t want her to go..

“Fine but come soon”
She kissed me goodbye before walking out of the gate to Birdie who was on the other side of the road..
Suddenly a spreeding car approached Pie who was busy waving onto me.
The car hit Pie head on before the driver sped away..

This segment is for Chanu who helped me up from the dumps..
Thank you darling..!
Agar aaj Chanu nai hoti then i might have given up on Ruhaniyaat..
I don’t know i am just feeling so blank..

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