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Ruhaniyaat (Segment 94)

Her point of view –
Ring Ring Ring
I answered my phone without looking at the caller id.
“Yes j..” i said and turned to Dex’s side..
But it was empty and cold.
Like he had been gone for a long time.
Where did he go this early in the morning.?
I remember him being there last night.
“Bhabhijaan come quick..”
“Where quick..?” I asked getting more confused.
Dex’s absence..John’s urgent call.
My alert mode was on and i had started to panic.
“Bhabhijaan..i am texting you the adress come quick otherwise Jhonny will kill him.”
Kill him…?

“What is happening..?”
“I can’t tell you over the phone bhabhijaan please hurry up..”
I shot out of bed and dreesed hurriedly.
I received John’s msg and it was a factory of ours in the exterior of the city..
What is Dex doing there..?
I decided to call up Dex and find out what is happening..
Ring Ring Ring
“Yes love..”
“Dex baby where are you..?”
“I am in a meeting love..i will call you soon..”and he hung up
Whom do i trust..?
Dex who says he is in a meeting
Or john who was on panic mode..
I decided that it was no harm in checking out John’s location..
So i grabbed my keys and headed out to the destination..
Upon reaching the place i began to have second thoughts about my decision.
There was no one in sight.
I decided to check inside..
Upon entering inside i froze.
A man was tied up on a chair while few men were surrounding him..
Was he Dex..?
“Dex..” i screamt and everybody turned to face me.
“Pie..?” Dex said coming out of the group
” Baby are you alright.?” I asked and looked for any injuries on his body..
“Love..i am fine.” He said and hugged me to his body..
“Whhh whhy are you here..?”
“Babe i want you to meet somebody..” he said and took hold of my hand before dragging me to the center of the group near the bloodied man
“Meet the masked man babe..” he said and pointed towards the bloodied man.
I turned to the man and he lifted his head simutaneously.
I gasped when i saw who it was.
“Bhaiya..?” I questioned
He was Ted’s elder brother.
Our guide as growing up.
Our bhaiya.


“I think you got the wrong person babe..” i said and ran towards bhaiya to release him.
“Pie.” Dex roared and caught hold of me before i could reach him.
“Abh tum khud bataoge ya main batau..?” Dex spat looking at Bhaiya.
I looked between Dex and Bhaiya .both glaring each other down.
“Doll trust me..maine kuch nai kia..” Bhaiya said.
I knew it he was innocent.
“Dex he is innocent..” i pleaded on Bhaiya’s behalf.
“Bhai..take care of her.” And suddenly John gripped me from behind.
“J let me go..”
“Bhabhijaan please trust bhai .” He said and tightened his grip around me.
Dex punched bhaiya on his face before kicking him in the gut..
“Haan ..i did everything..i drove you crazy..” Bhaiya confessed.
His words shook the earth beneath me.
“Kyun..?” Was all i could mutter before breaking down..
If John wasn’t holding me then i would have collapsed on the floor by now..
My knees went weak.
“You stole my brother from me..he drifted away from me because of you …i hate you..” he spat
I broke down on the floor and Dex came by my side..
“Bbbut ii dddint do aaannything..” i stuttered
“You did …before you i was his only friend but when you came he stopped playing with me..sharing things with me..
You snatched my brother away from me..
You …you are a bl**dy whore..”

His point of view –
“Baby..” i said and shook Pie.
She just looked at me and then broke down in my arms crying..
“Bhai take care of him .. I will take Pie home..” i said and picked her up before getting to my car.
Pie please be okay..

So how did you like my surprise ..?

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