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Ruhaniyaat (Segment 100)

His point of view –
Today should have been perfect.Today she was going to become mine.
Today was the day i would have begun calling Pie as my wife..
But that was not happening..Pie was in the ICU.
Doctors kept coming and going ..not really answering our repeated questions..
They say she has lost a lot of blood and has weak chance of survival.
They say she is serious and has a little hope.
But i know she is a fighter and that she will never leave me.
She promised me forever..

Everyone around me is trying their best to console me..explain it to me that she is fine but i know they all have left hopes of Pie ever returning back..
But i know she will..she promised and she never breaks her promises.
My heart is clinging to this explanation that i keep giving myself about her coming back..
My heart crumbles with every second that is passing without her..
I can’t hold on any longer so i get up and walk over to her ward.
She is on the bed various tubes connected to her body and i feel so helpless.
Right now being the youngest billionaire dosen’t help me feeling less lonely without her..
All the money in the world can never compensate my Pie’s love.
“Look baby today is our wedding and i am not ready yet .”
But all i got was silence..
I threw my coat on the floor and kicked my shoes away messing the room.
“Baby look what i am doing … the room is a mess..get up and clean it na..”
But she din’t get up neither she opened her eyes to scold me..
I broke down beside her and cried my heart out..
Her point of view-
“Girlie wake up..” i heard a soft female voice..
She always called Girlie..
My eyes snapped open and i regretted my decision moments later.
My head hurts..
I closed them back..
“You are too cute” said another voice.
I opened my eyes slowly this time..
The surrounding was all white and Mom was standing admist of it with a equally beautiful female beside her..
“Yes girlie its me..” .


“How but you are dead..? How am i talking to you.?” She dint let me finish before she shushed me down..
“I am so sorry girlie..i ruined your childhood but i never cheated your father..”
“Then.. my sister..?” I questioned dumbfounded.
“Oh she belongs to her..” she said gesturing towards the other lady
“Yes your mother was giving me a lift when the accident happened..
She knew your father could give my baby a secure future than my husband so she lied..” explained the other woman .
“Ohh i am so sorry mom…” i said and hugged her tight.
She kissed my forhead in response.
“But how am i here..?” I questioned confused
“Girlie you had an accident and thats why you are here..” mom explained..
“Am i dead..?” I said my mouth hanging open in shock.
“No baby but on the verge of dying.”
Dying..? But how..?
What am i to do now..?
Is this a dream..?

“Baby i have to go now.” Said mom kissing my cheek.
“Mom but wait what do i do here alone..?”
“That is for you to decide love..wether you want to live or die…i can’t help you here..?”
“But how mom.?”
“That is for you to find out..i just can’t help you..” she said before waving me goodbye for the last time.
With that the white room started to fade away..
The light turned bright and my head started to spin.
What the hell is happening..?
His point of view –
“Lion” said my baby boy while tugging at my jeans..
I picked him and placed him on my lap.
“Si..?” He questioned.
I don”t know what to say to i just cuddled with the little boy trying to stop my tears..
I got up and walked out with him
“I want si..” he cried and i just hugged him close..
What could i explain the poor kid when i was confused myself.

Doctor walked out after the regular check up on her and John asked him about Pie.
“She was alright and breathing ..but then she suddenly stopped..i think its time.” He said with sympathy on his voice
I put the little boy on the ground and ran a hand through my hair.
“Why is this happening to me..?” I whispered and John hugged me tight.
“Shh bhai ..bhabhijaan will be alright.” He said rubbing my back..
My need my Pie back..i need to love her ..to hold her in my arms ..
She is my breath of fresh air.
My life .
This can’t be happening..Its all a bad dream and when i will wake Pie will be beside me smilling.
I dropped on my knees and cried..
Cried for i don’t know how long.
“Sir the patient is breathing again.” Said the nurse running out of Pie’s room..
I looked up at the doctor who had just come out of Pie’s room
“Congratulations Sir..your wife is breathing again..we just need to wait for her to wake up now..” he said before giving me a reasuring smile and walking away
My Pie was alright and she is going to get up soon.

#stoneheart thinking wise#
Irony of life is that we spend our whole lives running after money ignoring our family but the money cannot as much as buy a handkerchief to stop our tears while family will rather die than watch you cry.


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