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Rudra and Soumya to end their marriage chapter in Ishqbaaz

Rudra asks Soumya about the marriage talks going so far. Soumya tells him that Reyaan’s mum spoke to her mum, and now they want to take the talk ahead. Rudra asks Soumya what is her decision.


Soumya does not know to marry Reyaan or not. Rudra asks Soumya to go ahead and marry her boyfriend. He finds it good that Soumya’s marriage talk did not have any hurdles.

Soumya gets Reyaan’s proposal officially with the shagun. Rudra gets a shock. Rudra asks Soumya to clear the emotions, if their marriage really meant to them. Soumya says the marriage does not matter to her. Rudra asks her to not get confused and not to confuse him. He decides to not talk about their marriage and end the chapter forever. Meanwhile, Anika tells Dadi that she has to take Sahil to market and leave early. Dadi gives good news of sanctioning loan for Sahil’s schooling. Anika thanks Dadi for solving her financial problem.

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