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Rudra and Soumya dumbfounded by wedding twist in Ishqbaaz

Rudra and Soumya dress up as groom and bride. They are not in senses, and think some movie shoot is happening. Rudra says we are the hero and heroine. Rudra and Soumya act silly in drunken state. The man asks them to come and marry. Rudra and Soumya go for it.



Soumya stops seeing the havan kund fire. Rudra holds her hand and takes her to the mandap. A filmi moment for Roumya….. They sit in the mandap, unaware that real marriage is happening. They are at their silly selves and wait for director. Rudra feels pandit is director. They happily get married following the pandit director’s guidance. Rudra and Soumya become life partners. They laugh when pandit tells them that their wedding got completed. Rudra and Soumya wait for the shooting to end. Later, their realize they really got married, and receive a big shock…. Keep reading.

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