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rivanya- forever with u part -5

Angad: bhaiya! There is a hot news in the office
Rithik: is it? I never came to know about it
Angad: because , it is about u
Rithik: me?
Angad: The great Business Magnet struck in love trap
Rithik: dont beleives in rumors bro, and…. moreover ur brother is now temporarly married
Angad: i dont beleive in rumors, but information is direct source bro
Rithik: what ?
Angad: u cant hide anything from me. I know u love Shivanya Bhabhi
Rithik: shueee! Dont shout! Its not that kind
Angad : then , what kind is it?
Rithik: dont tell this to shesha na?
Angad: pakka promise…..
Rithik: yes, i think i like..No love her
Angad: bhaiya… atlast u r in love. Throw me a treat
Rithik: ask me what u want?
Angad: not now, i’ll save this for someother day.



Rithik searches shivanya in her room but he doesnt find her

goes to shesha’s room
Rithik: Shesha!Are u there in?
Shesha: haan, come in
Rithik: busy?
Shesha: nope
Rithik: then, whats going on?
Shesha: i think u can come straight to the matter.
Rithik: no, i jus came to see if ur fine
Shesha: really, since when u started lying? I am ur friend i can find it
Rithik: no, ………did u see shivanya?
Shesha: now the cat is out of the hat. So u came searching for ur wife(smiles)
Rithik: no… u know her hand is fractured and,..(tries to say something)
Shesha: stop!stop…she is in the garden.
Rithik: Garden? Whats there?
Shesha: save these questions for her
Rithik: then?
Shesha: dont act. If u wanna see her go and see,dont stand here like stupid. I know u like her
Rithik: no, she is jus a friend
Shesha: i hav no objection in making ur friend ,ur girlfriend
Rithik: really????????????????(with excitements)
Shesha: yes. I cant get any better person for her than you
Rithik: Dont tell her .ok?
Shesha: haan, now go try something to impress her

Rithik runs from there to the garden. He finds her watering the roses with her on hand

Rithik: may i help you?
Shivanya: u came so soon?
Rithik: work over
Shivanya: jus bored, thats y
Rithik: so , took ur tablets
Shivanya: yes, shesha gave me
Rithik: so , whats the plan for tonight? I mean anything new?
Shivanya: yes(with sad expression). I must prepare for my exams
Rithik: but how?
Shivanya: i hav got my friends notes and i must study
Rithik: are u a topper?
Shivanya: yes, but not this time
Rithik: y not this time?
Shivanya: i must study on my own this time, and i hav missed many classes
Rithik: then, can i be ur teacher?
Shivanya: really?
Rithik: even i did the same course, and i hope i remember them
Shivanya: then shall we start from today?
Rithik: yes morning two hours night two hours ok?
Shivanya: done!!!!!

rithik sits besides shivanya and starts teaching her,jus then shesha comes there to give dinner to shivanya
Shesha: rithik! It seems ur doing something(in a funny tone)
Rithik:( thinks shesha will now start making fun): no jus help
Shesha: shivanya u did a correct job. Rithik is a expert in maths and if any dowbts ask him ok?
Shivanya: but he didnt say
Shesha: empty vessels dont make noise….oh no i meant the opposite
(Actually rithik is weak in maths)
Shivanya: then why dont u teach me maths
Rithik: now?
Shesha: yeah rithik.. u shuld teach her that one now.
Rithik: we hav already started other so we will complete this one and tomorrow night i will teach u . ok?
Shivanya : ok then , come lets eat
Shesha: rithik! Go and eat i will give food to shivanya and come down. Ur brother is waiting for u
Rithik smirks nd goes from there

rithik walks from one pillar to another, thinking what to do tommorow

Angad: bhaiya! Wassup?
Rithik: all because of ur wife
Angad: Shesha?
Rithik: do u hav another wife?
Angad: what did she do?
Rithik explains all and ask him what to do now
Angad: idea………..!
Rithik: what ?
Angad says something in rithik’s ears
Rithik: do u think this will work?
Anagad: 200%
Rithik goes from there to his room with confidence

he looks at shivanya trying to switch off the lights but not successful
Rithik: need help?
Shivanya: already got handfull of helps from you
Rithik moves and switches off it and says
Rithik: you are my friend, and a special one. But i think u dont think that way
Shivanya: yes, because u r more than a friend
Rithik: (confused if she too loves him): what ?
Shivanya: u r my saviour.
Both laugh and rithik helps shivanya in placing her hands properly so that it doesnt hurt. He places pillow between them
Rithik: shivanya!slept?
Shivanya: no. I jus wanna talk to mom and dad. They must be angry on me
Rithik: that’s it.
Shivnaya: saying is easy
Rithik goes from there and takes a sim from his cupboard and inserts in mobile
Shivanaya: so funny u gonna get caught
Rithik: this is a private number and i gonna speak to ur papa and i will put the phone on loud speaker mode
Rithik calls Neil

Neil: hello!
Rithik(he uses a cloth and covers his mouth , so that the other person will not recognize his voice): is it DR .Neil
Neil: yes, may i know who is this
Rithik: sir, there is a parcel for u arriving from US
Neil: parcel?
Rithik: it seems u left all ur valentines day gifts at US?
Neil: r u making prank call at late night?
Rithik: found so soon
Neil: if i find u i will smash ur head in the wall
Rithik: i Am waiting (cuts the call)

Both laugh continuosly,
Rithik: happy?
Shivanya: when u r around me , i am always happy
(rithik thinks in mind, then be with me forever)
Rithik: now sleep soon, we must study in the morning
Shivanya: good night
later after some time rithik calls her but gets no response . He goes near her and kisses her forehead and sleeps.

Angad: bhaiya! All the best
Rithik: thank u bro,
(Actually rithik is going to tution classes to learn Shivanya’s maths)


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