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Rishi keeps Tanuja away from Tanu’s memories in Kasam

Rishi meets Tanuja in their room. Tanuja tells him that she did not know anything and Raj made her sit in mandap by giving her an oath. Rishi shouts on her for cheating him. Rishi and Tanuja have married, but they are such lovers who can be together, but can’t unite.


Their love story is still incomplete. Rishi does not want to see her face. Tanuja gets Rishi and Tanu’s marriage album. Rishi gets angry seeing her touching Tanu’s memories. He tells Tanuja that she can never become Tanu and does not have right on Tanu’s belongings. Rishi feels caged in the marriage and leaves from his room. Tanuja sits crying. Malaika follows Rishi. She is planning to make Tanuja out of Rishi’s life by any way.

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