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Rishi falling for Tanuja in Kasam

Malaika cuts Tanuja’s red saree and wanted to anger Raj. She feels Tanuja will wear other clothes and Raj will scold her. She decides to spoil Tanuja’s clothes, after Raj scolds Malaika for her bad dressing sense.


Malaika gives the black saree to Tanuja and thinks Tanuja will get scolding now to wear black clothes in reception party. It all goes wrong, as Tanuja looks ravishing and Raj and everyone praise her elegance. Rishi is falling for Tanuja. Tanuja comes for the reception party and looks like a mesmerizing beauty. Rishi could not stops staring at her. Rano and Malaika get worried seeing Rishi’s reaction. Tanuja is entering Rishi’s heart. Tanuja is making. Rishi and Tanuja have a talk and look happy together. Biji’s sister comes to bless Tanuja. Rano tries to spoil things to put blame on Tanuja. But, Tanuja wins again. There will be saas-bahu drama next in the show. Keep reading.

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