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Revenge and live together (intro)

Thank you guys for all your valuable comments let us see my new story

Radhika arjun mehra owner and founder of ar group and the CEO of mishra company and even has event management company . nobody expert tr people working there now that she is the owner hardly smiles and laughs and talk she takes care of all the staff as her own . loves neil has her own bro and Sam as her own sis arjun is her love for 15 years and married him she wants to find somebody but who is it .


Arjun Mehra ar company owner and founder loves nesam and radhika too much he wants to findbthise person who is also serched by radhika .can do any for his lady love and loves radhika from 17 years

Samira Neil Mehra CEO of mishra group and loves radhika and wants radhika to become normal and loves neil 10 years . and us also searching the same person as ardhika

Neil mehra loves radhika as her own his tr CEO of ar company and loves sam for 10 years and us also searching the same person as ardhika and sam

Radhika and nesam are school friends and arjun and neil are brothers and Ardhika meet each other on a ptm and arjun is 3 years elder than radhika and others .

So how is it

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