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Revelations, confrontations and twists in Jaana Na Dil Se Door

Vividha walks into Kailash’s house and looks for him. She breaks the truth to Uma and family, that Atharv has lost his mental balance, thanks to Kailash’s evil. She says Kailash succeeded to make Atharv’s life worse than death. Dadi tells Vividha that police informed them of Kailash’s death. Vividha does not believe it, and says even if Kailash is dead or alive, his bad deeds have made him dead for her. She ends all ties with Kailash, and does his Kirya Karam/final rites by burning his photo, being his eldest child.

On the other hand, Sujata gets to know Ravish and Vividha’s wedding truth, by seeing the wedding photo in their room. Atharv tells Sujata that he has seen Vividha and wants to meet her. Sujata gets a big shock and understands why Atharv runs away to meet Vividha always. Sujata hides the fact and gets hatred for Vividha, holding her responsible for Atharv’s mental state. Sujata slaps Vividha. Ravish will get to know the entire truth. Vividha decides to leave Ravish and spend her life in helping Atharv recover. She vows to break her marriage with Ravish, and help Atharv in making him regain his mental balance. How will Vividha fulfill her decision? Keep reading.


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