Hello friends I want to request u something —-???
pls friends dis 4 days please watch SWARAGINI..if u inactive we should loss our swaragini v shd show our fandom pls try not to post any ff or OS or video in any page dis 4 days because many busy or addicted to ff so they think ff is better than swaragini no friends ur totally wrong for 18min show d director shd keep is day and night he shd moderate his team he shd enact first location dialogue Thier safety then they shd send cd to TV moderator if scenes r k and appropriate he can telecast on colors if not he shd change enter story and again shooting many he is d one who suffer lot he directs each member in d team he is d creator of d show but in ff nothing if v put pen on paper automatically story comes moreover anyone can write any story nothing in it, v give 2 to 3 hours moreover v hv some feeling v shd get more comments tat dis etc like wise they to want trp without trp no show simply telecast they to want money for their work…??
2) pls watch repeat telecast if not watch at 9.30 tell ur friends, family ur neighbours and relations and ur boyfriend and girl friend( one member also important now) tell them to watch swaragini..
3) don’t think only one cannot do anything one God can control all universe y can’t one pupil can spread news to all..one vote also important he to hv value, where there is a will there is a way keep tat determination,
4) don’t fight between pairs u dis tat etc if swaragini is Thier v can fight scolds tat dis etc If no swaragini means with whom u fight ya if no baller how can u bat….?? To fight v want swaragini know
5) if u don’t like swaragini u on d TV leave it to run u do ur works hw etc for half hour even advertise also u don’t miss because each things counts
6) 100 worst serial is equal to one best serial SWARAGINI save tat serial,

Pls take it as a request I. M not ordering I. M requesting as swaragini fan pls save it

Don’t need any comments I madly want TRP can u give to me pls promise me tat u watch swaragini,,,,,???and pray to God for his retain and sustain,,,,

Sorry if I hurt anyone and thanks for reading///////


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